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Best Spin/Exercise Bikes Bikes under $1500?(5 posts)

Best Spin/Exercise Bikes Bikes under $1500?JohnnyCat
Jan 14, 2004 9:30 PM
Want a bike that is fully seat and handlebar adjustable (able to add own handlebar arrangments), extremely smooth, extremely quiet, and able to peddle in reverse. Primarily want to use the bike for practicing various positions (time trialing and standing). No need for programs, I like making up my own.

Please suggest brands and models and why you like some over others? Tell me what are the best values under $1500.

For an easier answer, just tell me which brands you think are the smoothest riding?

Thanks to all who reply!
re: Best Spin/Exercise Bikes Bikes under $1500?03Vortex
Jan 15, 2004 5:18 AM
Look at the Schwinn's. Go to There Elite (w/coasting feature) and Pro model. many other as well. The Elite is about $1,000 and is a well known spin bike used in spin classes
re: Best Spin/Exercise Bikes Bikes under $1500?ajgibbons
Jan 15, 2004 9:33 AM
I don't do much gym-based "spinning" but just used the LeMond RevMaster and liked it. It costs $995 and you can get info on it from
re: ditto the RevMastertheBreeze
Jan 15, 2004 10:25 AM
The Lemond RevMaster is a great stationary bike. The resistance mechanism is simpler than the Schwin models and potentially easier to service. I feel it is a smoother riding bike, and has a better adjustment system; continuous adjustments rather than pop-pin "quantized" adjustments like the Schwin models have.

Most good indoor bikes are going to run around $1K. Other models include the Cybex bike (very similar to Lemond, and now endorsed by Jonny G, formerly with Schwin; not that that means anything) and Star-Trac. Both those may be hard for the average consumer to find. They are mostly bought by clubs and gyms. You may be able to find them at a large store that specializes in fitness equipment.
Johnny G Elite & FREE shippingcoonass
Jan 15, 2004 5:54 PM