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Friend Killed While Road-Biking(10 posts)

Friend Killed While Road-Bikingcyclopathic
Jan 14, 2004 7:19 PM
repost from newsgroup

One of the toughest, kindest hombres I've known was killed yesterday while road-biking near his home in Georgia.

He was riding solo when hit & run driver left him mangled, conscious; died at hospital. Thx to a witness (nearby resident), perp has been arrested.

Age 64, retired pilot Jay Cullen regularly did the Leadville 100 (both mtb and foot, on successive weekends), many Ironman & similar events.

We'd shared numerous Colorado hut-skiing trips and mtb trips, and last summer arranged to cross paths in Rapid City, SD, where his group was road-biking across US, ours mtbing the Black Hills.

I guess this might be considered a better way to go (in saddle, boots on...) than a nursing home or hospital. But it doth remind that off-road biking is way safer than on-road (in US at least; I find self less worried on roads of
bike-friendly place like Europe).

This is a reality that needs to be brought up at public hearings on bike access to off-road trails.

A very saddened
Dave S.
re: Friend Killed While Road-BikingBacco
Jan 14, 2004 7:28 PM
Dave, I was saddened to read your post. My condolences and sympathy to Jay's family, and also to you, who lost a good friend. All of us bicyclists share in this tragic loss.
Very sad newsPdxMark
Jan 14, 2004 8:27 PM
My thoughts go out to you and Jay's family.
As this sinks in even deeper...PdxMark
Jan 14, 2004 8:42 PM
I realize that I would be devastated if one of my cycling friends died that way. One part of road cycling is having confidence in the conviction that with safe and reasonable cycling habits we can be reasonably safe out there. To lose a friend who was likely doing all the right things would shake my confidence in that conviction. I'm very sorry that you, Jay's family & his other friends have lost him.
As this sinks in even deeper...Woof the dog
Jan 14, 2004 11:34 PM
none of us are getting out of here alive.


re: Friend Killed While Road-Bikingbrad nicholson
Jan 15, 2004 1:33 AM
I think if you participate in activity you will eventually have friends who meet a tragic end. Sadly though I disagree with the comment below. I live in Europe and the roads here are far more dangerous in my mind to ride upon than in the states. The main reason is the increased speeds and serious lack of any shoulder whatsoever. Germany, where i live, precludes building shoulders due to run-off concerns, has many backroads where the speed limit is 130 kph, etc. True that there are many bike paths linking towns and communities but when you are riding 35 + kph on a sidewalk and come up on some Haus Frau walking her schnauser it can be hairy!

My condolences to your loss, I for one have lost good friends in the past year as well to untimely and violent ends and know it is never good for anyone involved. Just know that God has taken them for his own.
re: Friend Killed While Road-Bikingal0
Jan 15, 2004 1:16 PM
I live in Germay as well and I doubt that riding here is really dangerous despite the high speeds of the motorists.

By the way, where are you? I live in Frankfurt am Main area (Hofheim am Taunuss).
That Su$5s...........Len J
Jan 15, 2004 4:10 AM
Dave, sorry for your loss.

How would he want you to greive?

re: Friend Killed While Road-Bikingowmynads
Jan 15, 2004 4:33 AM
Wow. "Ask not for whom the bell tolls..."

I agree with Woof. None of us are getting out alive. We live in a country where video games like "Carmageggon" glorify running people down with your car. I also agree that we need to make bike safety part of a national discussion. I think it starts with teaching respect for human life.

My deepest sympathies at this untimely loss.
re: Friend Killed While Road-BikingSadlebred
Jan 15, 2004 8:13 AM
It's always sad when one of the cycling community here in Georgia passes away. We've lost 3 lives within the last 24 months to cars. Although I never met him, Jay was a friend of a friend. My friend spoke highly of him.

I will keep his family and friends in my thoughts and prayers.