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aero bar question(6 posts)

aero bar questionColnagoFE
Jan 14, 2004 2:05 PM
Never used 'em, but my wife wants us to compete in an oly distance triathlon this summer and I figure I might as well get the aero advantage of riding with them. Any reccomndations for something that won't cost me an arm and a leg? Would "Spinaci" type extentions do just as well if I'm just going to dabble in aero or should I go for a full set of clip ons? In either event will I be OK using my ITM pro 260 bars? Or am I better off getting a dedicated aero bar?
re: aero bar questionBrokenSpoke
Jan 14, 2004 3:00 PM
Haven't looked at them for a long time but there pair I use for time trials are made by Scott. Definately go with the full aero bars over Spinaci's. Once you get comfoprtable with the position they are fairly comfortable over a long distance and much more aerodynamic that Spinaci's.
re: aero bar questionChen2
Jan 14, 2004 3:50 PM
Syntace C2 is a good clip-on. You will be faster on aerobars.
re: aero bar questionJimP
Jan 14, 2004 6:18 PM
A good set of clip-on bars is invaluable for aerodynamics. Profile, Syntace, & Deda make good bars. One question to answer is what is the diameter of my handlebar and what is the diameter of the clamp of the clip-on? If your bars are 26.0mm and the clamp is 31mm, you must be very careful to not crush the handlebar. After you have installed the bars, don't be afraid to change the angle and protrusion of the bar and the distance between the armrests. You will not be comfortable at first but will take time to get used to the new position.

re: aero bar questionwooden legs
Jan 14, 2004 11:44 PM
syntace c2s are far superior to the others that i've tried, most notably profile aerowings. bit more expensive but worth it, you should be able to find a decent used pair on ebay for pretty cheap (i bought a package of the aerobars, a set of bullhorns and a quill stem for $91.00). they're excellent, i have them mounted on my standard road bike, killer for the flat straightaways with 10-20 mph headwinds that i used to find myself riding five or six times a day.

(the c2s come in small medium and large, i'm about 5'9" and take a medium.)
A few other optionsTri_Rich
Jan 15, 2004 6:09 AM
If you are only going to use them one time, you may want to look at the Profile Design Century aerobars. They offer little to no adjustability but are cheap and require little effort to mount and use. They have true elbow pads and as such beat spinacci type bars.

Another option worth looking at are the "shorty" bars like the Oval Big Slam or Profile design Jammers. Originally designed for draft legal racing, they have found a following among people who use a road bike for tri racing. The shorter reach allows you to keep the saddle in the sam position while maintaining right angles in the upper body and supporting yourself through the skeletal system.

Lastly, you can of course ride the 40K without any and be just fine.