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Old Stronglight compatibility issues(2 posts)

Old Stronglight compatibility issuesKaboom
Jan 14, 2004 8:56 AM
I'm runnin a relatively old seven speed tripple stronglight crank. This is an inherited bike, and the middle ring is so worn that if i hammer it too hard it will skip, and my knee will get trashed against the handlebar. I have visited this one shop (the only one where i live) and apparently they cannot get hold of a ring to replace that. Am i stuck?
If it is any help its 5 arms and the three rings are bolted together, as in with the same bolt through the same whole.
Once you know the bolt circle diameter...Cory
Jan 14, 2004 9:15 AM
I used to have one of those (can't remember what it was on), and I eventually found a ring at a 30-year-old bike shop that had a big stock of old parts. The thing you need to know is the "bolt circle diameter," the diameter of the circle made by the bolt holes that hold the ring to the crank arms. You need to measure across the full circle, not from one hole to another. If you come out with either 130 or 110 millimeters, no problem--those are common, and you can get them anywhere. If it's some other measurement, you'll have to hunt around. Bike Nashar used to carry some oddballs, or you might check, or a good bike shop can probably order one for you.