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Carbon 110(2 posts)

Carbon 110Bob1010
Jan 14, 2004 6:30 AM
What components do you plan to use on the 5900 build-up and what wheels and tires as it sounds like it will be quite a bike when you get done. As for riding together,I am almost 1/2 century old and the legs could use a transplant of some sort. You may enjoy riding with Chris (he has the 2004 5900) and I will protect the rear. We live in the Laconia area with great riding around here, so if you do get in this area next summer or if we get up into your area let's hook up.Do you race in the Green Mountain stage race, if so we will see you there. Chris also ordered the Bontrager Triple X carbon wheels. We didn't get a chance to weigh the bike but it should be in the low 15 lb. range. Regarding the Madone, they talk about the vertical compliance quite different than the 5900 and I almost did order the 5900 for a nice climbing bike but the sexy lines on the Madone helped me on my decision. As a larger rider(185-190) and with tubulars and the carbon rims I am hoping that will take some of the hershness out..Looking forward on some feedback when you get to put some miles on your Madone.
re: Carbon 110CARBON110
Jan 14, 2004 9:21 AM
Sounds great Bob. Laconia area is nice! I'm sure you have plenty of legs =) But thanks for the modesty. I look forward to seeing you at the GMSR but it would be great to ride before then. You both could even come up and stay with me this summer if you like. We could pre ride some of the courses like stage 1 and 2. Did Chris get the clincher or tubular X-lites? I too succumbed to the fine lies of the Madone over the 5.9 but I know many have struggled over the same decision LOL. I have a pair of Cane Creek Aros tubulars you might want to ride when we get together. They are right up your alley. Light, super stiff,comfy and aero. I love the Bontrager X-lites but at that price they are more then the Zipp 202s and heavier. I have had good luck with 3 pair of Zipps so far. But Bontrager is suppose to be releasing something special for this years TDF

Here is what I'm thinking

5.9 Custom Frame- Patriot Paint/Or Mtn Storm if they will offer it with 5.9
Zipp-202 wheels-1025grams (I'll be racing them this season)
Stork Carbon Cranks
Deda bar/stem combo
Deda carbon spacers
Alien carbon seatpost
C.King Headset
Fizik Aliante carbon Seat
Zipp Ti skewers
Taxo Cage

I wont race with a computer/SRM for races I want to win, its to distracting despite the fact I love the info. I'm always watching it just because Im always thinking about what I'm doing in the race. It makes racing a real blast for me. Besides the fact that any weight I lose on my bike isn't going to win my races for me but it will help me pyschologically which can win my races for me or help me place well. Hoenstly theres only about 5 or 6 races the whole year I have a good shot at winning, all of them MTN top finishes. But you never know and luck can change everything =D

This 5.9 and the Madone will be the last bikes I will buy for at least 3-4 years regardless of what else comes out. If I had not been hit by a car and destroyed my 5900 I'd be riding that and the Madone would be my race bike. I had over 16K on it when I got smacked. Your welcome in my neighborhood anytime after the snow melts....which hopefully will be before July LOL! By the way, if you are racing we should compare our iternaries and see if we can meet up at some Mass. races or like the Concord crit or some of the late season NH road races. I might do Mt. Washington this year since its just an EPIC ride