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Rollers and tire wear(7 posts)

Rollers and tire wearCaseysdad
Jan 13, 2004 7:45 PM
I recently began training on a set of Kreitler rollers and was wondering what impact they're likely to have on tire wear. I've noticed a thin coat of what appears to be metalic "dust" from the rollers themselves adhering to my tires after a ride, which seemed a bit strange, but assumed that this was normal for a new set of rollers and would probably not occur much after an initial break-in period.

More significantly, I thought I noticed a slight wearing down/flattening of the tire along the main roller contact surface, but could just be imagining this. If riding rollers does produce abnormally high (or at least more localized) wear, is it generally significant enough to warrant purchasing an additional set of tires expressly for this purpose?

Whatever the answer is, it'll be worth it not to have to feel like a complete slug in the Spring!
re: Rollers and tire wearSquint
Jan 13, 2004 10:15 PM
I've been riding Kreitlers for many years now and since I have many wheelsets, I have one set devoted for indoor use. This wheelset gets older tires that have cuts in the tread or very thin tread--tires that are no longer reliable enough to ride outside. I then ride these tires until they're absolutely unrideable, even indoors.

I've always thought the polished look on the tires was exactly that--polishing. I wouldn't worry about it, rollers of reasonable diameter that have resistance units rather than using tire scrub to generate resistance hardly wear tires at all. It's definitely far less wear than using a trainer and usually less than riding on the road.
re: Rollers and tire wearowmynads
Jan 14, 2004 4:29 AM
Interestingly enough, I've put tires to the test, recently. I've been doing what Squint has recommended- using old, cut-up tires that would be a disaster on the road (but a boon to indoor riding). Problem? I don't have two wheelsets, nor can my post-Chri$tma$ economy afford any. So I wanted to get outside. I bought some Conti 1000s from Performance and slapped 'em on the rims. Suddenly, I've got rubber caked up on the front roller where there wasn't any, having only used "bald" tires on the rollers. It seems the new tread on the new Contis are wearing away rather quickly. I'm hoping some Goo Gone will do the trick. Until I try that, however, I'm thinking that it's like grip-tape. I dunno. Anyone else out there have a similar experience?

re: Rollers and tire wearwitcomb
Jan 14, 2004 5:00 AM
For the first few days of my trainer I would get a build up on the roller. I haven't looked recently to see if there is anything new. But all I had to do was rub it off with my thumb, it just disappeared. I don't know what type of rollers you have, but if they are metal there should be no problem getting the rubber off them.

- Neil
re: Rollers and tire wearspc15
Jan 14, 2004 5:55 AM
I have noticed buildup as well on my rollers after putting on a new pair of tires. I do not believe that this is actually rubber but the wax used to separate the rubber from the tire mould during the mfg process. Take the new tires outside, put enough miles on them to wear off the wax and you should notice that the buildup does not happen.

The same thing happened to me with Michelin Pro Races, but did not happen when I subjected a set of Veloflex Pave's to the rollers(although I do not make a habit of using these tires on rollers in general)


re: Rollers and tire wearRickC5
Jan 14, 2004 6:46 AM
I also get the metallic "dust" on my tires from the rollers, even after two years. Goes away after a couple miles on the road. I have not noticed any significant tire wear.

I had some buildup on the rollers from some new Michelin Axial Pros I installed on my spare wheels. Had to use fine steel wool to get the $%&*%$# stuff off the drums. Sheesh!
re: Rollers and tire wearSquint
Jan 14, 2004 7:26 AM
The polished look on my roller tires doesn't rub off so I don't think it's dust. I changed the front tire somewhat recently but it hasn't developed the polished look yet. Maybe after some more miles or perhaps never as it may depend on the rubber compound (rear tire is an ancient Specialized tire which buffed up nicely). I have Kreitler Classics with a 4.5" drum diameter and resistance generated by a wind unit. Rollers with smaller drums and no resistance unit generate resistance solely by tire wear so I'd expect more of a mess, especially since you often have to ride at a high speed.