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Help us find two bikes(6 posts)

Help us find two bikeschandne
Jan 10, 2004 6:16 PM
My friend is 5 ft tall and is looking for a road bike that she can ride and do the MS 150 on. Last year, she tried it on a cheap mountain bike and it was okay but she really wants a decent roadbike under $800. Does one exist for this price range? She needs something more comfy for long rides, not necessarily a stiff-as-heck race bike. I'm looking for a bike as well and want to stay around $1,000 but I'm terribly impulsive and always blow my budget. What would you guys recommend for my friend- for under $800 and me (6 ft male) under $1,500 (see, my range just increased:)? Anyway, your feedback is appreciated. BTW, should we be looking at ebay as well? I've bought small stuff from ebay but is the bike trade pretty solid on ebay?
Jan 10, 2004 8:43 PM
Her: Look for a good used Terry

You: Look used, but consider entry-level bikes from all the big maunfacturers.

EBay: Just don't fall for the "Nigerian" scammers.
re: Help us find two bikesvosyer
Jan 11, 2004 12:30 AM
You have lots of choices, but you need to narrow down your needs.

Used versus New
Double or triple
Campy versus Shimano
Fender capable
18 speed to 27 speed, down tube, ergo, or bar end shifting

All of these can be had within your budget, your friend being 5'0 will be alittle hard to fit 48 to 50cm road frame, just takes some looking. Personally I like the used market - lots of neat bikes and 50% or better off their
retail price. Deciscions like this is how many of now have 5 to 10 bikes.
New or used on ebaybimini
Jan 11, 2004 5:51 AM
I've bought my bike, a couple of sets of wheels and some other stuff on ebay and been happy with all of it.

You do have to be very careful not to be scammed. Check feedback and how long the seller has been around. It is possible for the crooks to steal a users ID so you also need to check to see what the seller has bought and sold recently. If the seller wants to sell outside of EBay, Do not. If the deal is too good to be true on the last day of bidding, something is wrong. I would stick to a US seller.

Modern stuff is not a lot cheaper on ebay. You can get some very good deals on solid bikes from the late 90's era. There are several bikes made in China being sold new on ebay. These are solid deals for the money, no they are not super light frames and may not ride as nice as some of the high end frames but they are solid bikes with solid parts for a good price.

Check the location of the sellers of the bikes you are interested in. If they are close it is not uncommon to go pick the bike up. Saves shipping and packing hassles for the seller and puts cash in the sellers hands. Saves the shipping cost for the buyer and allows you to make certain the bike is what was advertised and that it is not a scam.
Are you dead set against getting her to an LBS?djg
Jan 12, 2004 8:05 AM
Seems to me that this is sale time at many bike shops, and she may be able to do fairly well on price while getting good fit advice and follow-up service. I'm all for seeking out a good deal, but a newbie looking at her first MS150 may really benefit from the sort of fit advice/fit tweaking/follow-up service and advice that a good shop can give. At 5 feet even she made need somethign pretty small, including 650 wheels (I'm not sure what she'll need--she needs to get fit in person) and a good shop will help her make something work. She should be able to get something entirely suitable within budget. If YOU are confident fitting her, and setting things up, then by all means cruise e-bay--800 bucks can buy quite a nice used bike.
Are you dead set against getting her to an LBS?chandne
Jan 12, 2004 11:23 AM
That's good advice- I should get her fitted and stuff at a LBS. I could look on ebay but should definitely get her to a good LBS. If you all have any tips on brands/models, let me know. I appreciate the advice and I'll be lurking around ebay for mods once I get something for myself.