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really good experiences from their own lube?(7 posts)

really good experiences from their own lube?niteschaos
Jan 10, 2004 5:21 PM
I just got done with a long ride in the cold today and am still amazed at how well my "homebrew" chainlube has held up and how smooth it is. Anyone else a convert? I haven't found any surveys on chainwhere with different lubes, but I've read alot of test involving different motor oils, and full synthetics really do make a difference. I'm gonna keep you guys posted on how much difference it will make in chain wear. I'm using a half gone chain right now, but I'll keep you posted if I get any extra life from it since switching lubes.

(by the way the homebrew is Mobil 1 full synthetic.)
Yep............Mike Tea
Jan 10, 2004 6:10 PM
......I saw the light about a year or so ago. I use equal amounts of syn motor oil and mineral spirits. Two litres of lube now cost less than one piddly bottle of fancy stuff. So far I've found no negatives.

I gave a bottle to a lady racer who I mechanic for and didn't tell her what it was other than "Try this and tell me what you think". After a few months she came back with the bottle and asked for more. "It's great" she declared and begged to know what it was. I then gave her half a litre which should last her the season.
OK, Questionpurplepaul
Jan 10, 2004 6:29 PM
How do you apply it? It sounds like it would attract dirt like crazy, but I know some other posters claim that is not the case.

So, what is your application procedure, how long does it last and do you do a full cleaning of the chain before reapplying it?


This is what I do.Mike Tea
Jan 10, 2004 6:45 PM
I believe that the faster and easier I can clean and lube a chain, the more often I'm likely to do it and therefore the chain will last longer.

The only way I clean my chain is by running the chain backwards through a rag soaked in WD40. Occasionally my mtb chain will get the crap blasted out of it with a garden hose aimed at (touching) the lower run.

The day before a ride I drop one drop of lube per roller between derailer pulley and chainring. I'll wipe as much off as possible before advancing the chain. This I do until the whole chain is lubed. Then I briskly backpedal the chain through a clean rag to remove as much lube as possible.

I let the carrier (mineral spirits) evaporate overnight. The next day I backpedal the chain through a clean rag again. This removes as much dirt-collecting exterior lube as possible.

I occasionally pinch the pulley wheels with a WD40 rag and backpedal to clean them up.

On my mtb I have to re-lube about every third ride (it was every ride with White Lightening). I don't even remember how often I re-lube the road bike chain.

The clean & lube procedure takes maybe two minutes tops and if it "atracts dirt like crazy" I sure as heck don't notice it.
This is what I do.purplepaul
Jan 10, 2004 7:10 PM
When you say, "I don't even remember how often I re-lube the road bike chain" is that because you do it so rarely?

With Psycho Lube, I can get about 500 miles out of it before I have to relube. The chain is amazingly free of dirt. Pricey stuff, though.
I use 4-1 mineral spirits to oilchazman
Jan 10, 2004 7:32 PM
I have found that 20W-50 non-synthetic actually works better than the full synthetic stuff. The chain is more quiet, less dirt build up, and less waxification and buildup of the lube. The formula is 4 or 5 parts low odor mineral spirits to one part oil.

Anyone have a similar experience (i.e. non-synth better than synth stuff?)
re: really good experiences from their own lube?12x23
Jan 11, 2004 8:14 AM
I use 4:1 mineral spirits/Mobil 1. I mix it in an old Renu contact lens solution bottle. One bottle pretty well lasts all year.

I always lube after I ride, giving the mineral spirits overnight to evaporate, and pretty much use the same procedure as Mike Tea. One difference is I squirt it on from behind the lower der. pulley as I backpedal the cranks. I squirt it on pretty good, then run through the gears to get a little lube on the cassette, and follow that with backpedaling the chain through a shop towel to remove as much as possible. I use the same towel to clean the pulleys and chainrings. The entire procedure takes less than five minutes.

I lube about every 300 miles or so. I'm not interested in my crankset/chain looking clean as new, but both are a lot cleaner than with other lubes of used over the years, exception being White Lightning. I hated White Lightning .., left a wax buildup on everything over time. I do use it on my Speedplay cleats, perfect for that.