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Questions about Mercier Cycles....?(3 posts)

Questions about Mercier Cycles....?jimboriot
Jan 10, 2004 3:54 PM
I just got a Mercier Corvus(aluminum), with Sh. 105 parts. The bike is new...but I'm having problems finding any online reviews of the company, save for 1970's era bikes. Any thought's?

Sorry, I'm new to the road biking thing, and I have a 400 mile tour coming up spring break. Any responses would be helpful.

re: Questions about Mercier Cycles....?Elefantino
Jan 10, 2004 5:42 PM
If you've bought the bike, and you like it, and it has a warranty, I wouldn't worry about others' online review.

It won't fall apart on you. Enjoy. And write a review for us.

re: Questions about Mercier Cycles....?biketx
Jan 10, 2004 7:07 PM
Cycle Spectrum (or their parent company, whatever its name may be) bought some brands that had historically solid names, but weren't selling. They sell them thru their Cycle Spectrum stores and through their web site. Motobecane and Mercier are the two I know of that they actually bought. They also sell a lot of Fuji bikes. I'm not sure if they bought Fuji or not.

The Motobecanes and Merciers use Kinesis-built frames and generally seem to be perfectly decent bikes. The names don't carry a lot of "cool factor," but for the price, I don't know where else you'll find new bikes with the kind of prices they have for the component groups you get. Cycle Spectrum's pitch is free service for life, which is a pretty great deal, too, but you may have to wait for a while, since the shops are staffed by one person at a time who waits on customers and does repairs in between customer visits.

No experience with Mercier, but test-rode a Motobecane Le Champion with Ultegra and liked it fine. Decided to buy a Lemond because I'm a big fan of steel bikes, but if I were going to buy aluminum, I'd take a look at the Merciers ad Motobecaes for price and performance. I figured for the price, if I didn't like it, I could sell the grouppo and wheelset on eBay and end up pretty close to what they're charging for the whole bike.