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Triple Bypass - any ride info?(4 posts)

Triple Bypass - any ride info?gmc
Jan 9, 2004 6:45 PM
I'm thinking of setting this ride as a goal this year, wondering what those who have done it can tell me about it.

Kinda scared of 10K feet of climbing in 120 miles, up to 12000 feet! Annual milage has been between 3200-4500 miles for last few years. Have done 2-3 centuries/year for last three seasons, all under 6 hours with stops, a couple under five hours with stops (including 2003 Hotter than Hell 100). But never one with this kind of climbing. It's all over 8000 feet and I won't get too much chance to train on serious climbs. And my altitude training tent seems to be missing...

What's it like?
It is like eating an elephant.baylor
Jan 9, 2004 6:54 PM
If you can just keep pedaling, you'll finish. Finish times range from 6 hours or so (the semi-pro crowd) to 15 hours. Seriously. You'll see folks still streaming towards Avon as the sun is setting.

The distance is really a none issue, because some of the miles get eaten up in long fast descents. But the flip side of that of course is lots and lots of climbing. Maintaining a low enough speed (ie., don't blow up early) on the climbs and spin low enough gears to stay fresh. I think that's more important than speed.

The support is not great. It is not bad, but you will absolutely have to carry extra food, and don't forget that the weather at altitude in July can change dramatically.

It is a doable true citizen's event, with some 2,000 riders of many abilities and experience levels. That being said, it is a tough day (at least for me, a rec rider like you) and you DO have to train for it. Especially if there are headwinds like last year (not common, but possible).

The good news is that the hard climbing is over at mile 60, when you hit the top of Loveland Pass. Then you have a two mile ascent of Swan Mtn and Vail Pass from the "easy side" (ie., from East to West). The last 20-25 miles are downhill or flat, mostly.
re: Triple Bypass - any ride info?msmootsiemartin
Jan 9, 2004 8:32 PM
Its very doable and I have never ridden more than 3500 miles in a year. I've done the TBP five times with my best time being in the 8.5 hour range. The distance isn't too bad, there's just lots of climbing (duh!). If you can train to grind up hill for an hour or more and do that 3.5 times(there's actually a 4th climb called Swan mountain that kinda hits you at the wrong time of the ride), you'll be fine. The hardest part is in the beginning, but I recommend starting early - 6am or before. Colorado is famous for afternoon thunderstorms in July. Do the ride and have fun.
Jan 10, 2004 6:54 AM Good info there.

If you don't live in the high elevations, good luck. It took me 6 weeks to acclimate to the altitude. Initially I estimate that my power output was down by at least 20% and most of my riding was below 8000 feet.