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mixed/pleasent experience with Cambria(2 posts)

mixed/pleasent experience with Cambriacyclopathic
Jan 8, 2004 2:51 PM
ordered a fork at Cambria before Xmass, normally 300$ was listed for 30$. As suspected 'twas a website goof, fork came with 300$ paperwork.

Ater calling and arguing with cust service /basically my beef wasn't that they didn't honor price, the fact that they charged 10 fold and shipped it w/o trying to resolve issue/, we compromized and settled at cost. Still a very good deal, not a killer but good.
Don't be too hard on their customer service deptinnergel
Jan 8, 2004 3:12 PM
Virtually any orders that are shipped from a warehouse situation are only checked for contents. Once the order makes it to a warehouse for picking and shipping, it's pretty much assumed that the financial part of the transaction is taken care of. And from a website order situation, it is virtually all automated. So transactions are never checked by human eyes. I bet they didn't know they undercharged you until you called.

If they are doing any volume at all, it would be nearly impossible to audit all orders down to the line item price level prior to shipping. And even if they could, the customer service department would be the last person in the chain for this type of deal.

Your real beef should be with the people responsible for keeping the pricing on the web up to date. I know it's a pain to argue with CS people, but be thankful you at least got a decent deal on that fork. They could have easily dinged your card for the full amount, or told you to ship it back and refunded your $30.

Just wanted to give you the point of view from the business side. It's always a delicate balance between profits and customer service.