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Road riding in snow question(7 posts)

Road riding in snow questionvibiker
Jan 7, 2004 7:40 PM
I did my first commute in the driving snow yesterday on my MTB frame with 2.1 Town and Countrys. Is was a lot easier than I ever imagined.

My question is for those who have ridden both wide tires and skinny tires in the snow. How is it riding with narrow tires. Intuitively, I would think that slippery conditions would be made much more stable on wide tires.

Any thoughts?

Wide knobbies are much more stable in snow! nmBowWow
Jan 7, 2004 7:53 PM
re: Road riding in snow questionrogue_CT1
Jan 7, 2004 10:50 PM
I've never ridden wide tires in the snow. I have trained and raced with 19mm tubulars in the front and 22mm tubulars in the back. I really didn't have too much problem with traction and the roads were snow covered.
Jan 8, 2004 1:53 AM
If the snow is light enough that you can sink down to solid pavement, then skinny is best. But, if you have heavy, sloppy snow, then you need to ride on top, so then the wider the better. Studs only help on ice.
re: Depends - studs and snowaOldMan
Jan 8, 2004 8:55 AM
If what you are riding on is just new 'virgin' snow, you are right, studs will not help. However, if the snow has been compressed at all, ice forms underneath the snow and studs do help.

I have converted an old hardtail mountain bike to an 'IceBike'. The tires have studs. They are 2.1" wide. They go through snow, slush and snow/ice mixtures very nicely. In deep snow (4"+) it is hard work, but I have found it hard work even with narrow tires. The studs make a big difference when stopping and cornering even if the snow is 'virgin'.

Studded tires shine though when there is a lot of ice. They grip so well you can ride with confidence even on a frozen lake.

In my opinion, if you want to ride through a winter that has snow, studded tires are the way to go. I held off for years, using only mountain bike tires, but after a few white knuckle experiences, I broke down and spent the money on the studded tires; i am very happy i did. Not only am I safer on snowy roads, I get to go riding in terrain that was unthinkable before. It is a lot more fun than riding a trainer in the living room.
re: Road riding in snow questioncmgauch
Jan 8, 2004 9:23 AM
I commute via an old 3speed 50 lb clunker 1.2/mi each day to/from the bus. The tires are old, dry-rotted and don't have an agressive tread. It's been equally OK in both 6" of fresh & 3" of the post storm slop.

I've mtn biked in up to 8" of fresh - that takes a lot of work & body english.
Resource on winter ridingNunzio
Jan 8, 2004 7:44 PM
This is a site that I happened upon while surfing.

Some of the info on here is for the bold and the extreme, but it makes for interesting browsing nonetheless.