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Looking for a quiet set of rollers for apartment...(9 posts)

Looking for a quiet set of rollers for apartment...KRider
Jan 7, 2004 4:51 PM
I want to get a set of rollers for those times when I can't make it out on the road. The big thing is that they have to be quiet enough so that I can use them in my apartment (2nd floor of 3 floor building).

Any suggestions? Price really isn't too much of a concern (at least reasonable).

Thank you!

Get a pad.Dave_Stohler
Jan 7, 2004 6:24 PM
You can get a noise-reducing mat. Most treadmills come with one, and they really reduce the amount of noise that can transfer through a floor. You can also put stereo speakers on them.
High density foam pad-hardware store-save $$ (nm)RemmingtonShowdown
Jan 7, 2004 6:43 PM
Get a pad.KRider
Jan 7, 2004 7:05 PM
So, that will prevent noise if using rollers?

Very cool. Can't wait to start!

Thanks for the info!

Get a pad.Woof the dog
Jan 7, 2004 7:09 PM
I refuse to believe that it will stop the noise. And it is not even noise, it is the vibrations... and people feel them, not hear them. I rode rollers in all kinds of buildings, the only thing that really stops vibrations is thick cement floor.

I bet you won't be able to stop all the vibrations, only some. So expect a call. hahahhahaha

Good luck

Get a pad.KRider
Jan 7, 2004 7:56 PM
Well, the setup will be on carpet (no other option). Walls are pretty soundproof, I don't really think it will be too much of a problem.

We'll see! lol

Plywood and a inner tubeJack9
Jan 7, 2004 8:34 PM
When I lived in an apartment, I put my trainer in a piece of plywood with a inflated 26" MTB tube and a 20" tube under it. It made no noise at all. I rode it for over an hour at a time and never had a complaint.
re: Looking for a quiet set of rollers for apartment...Squint
Jan 7, 2004 8:31 PM
High quality rollers such as Kreitlers will be smoother and quieter. Consider getting the 4.5" diameters ones and the Headwind unit. That way, you're not riding at 30 mph the whole time, which I suspect would be noisier. The noise from the fan unit will be louder to you but is higher frequency and won't leave the room.

Ride in a doorframe or close a load-bearing wall rather than the middle of the room.

Use alternating hard and soft layers. This is the usual strategy for noise abatement. Have the rollers on top of plywood, then at least 1/2" of foam sheet (not rubber mat), and then another layer of plywood. Make as many layers as you can tolerate/afford.

The first year of grad school, I lived in a crappy apartment with thin walls and lots of neighbors and did intervals at 2-3 am at times. Nobody ever complained and I didn't put anything under the rollers either.
All good info!KRider
Jan 8, 2004 9:00 AM
Thanks guys!

I'm thinking that I'll just buy a set of rollers, see exactly how loud they are, then just use one of the suggestions posted.

The walls in our complex are pretty solid so I'm not really too worried. Plus, our neighbors are loud already, so they can deal with it.

Thanks all!