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Decorations: Cycling Wallpaper Border....(1 post)

Decorations: Cycling Wallpaper Border....funknuggets
Jan 7, 2004 11:06 AM
Just wanted to let fellow cycling enthusiasts know that last night, while shopping for a wallpaper border for my kids room at this damaged freight/liquidator place(looking for a racecar border), I came across a cycling wallpaper border that was pretty cool. It was an artists rendition of the cyclists in a pack, from the front... relatively current (look like sti... no cables... campy?). It was about 8 inches across and sold in 5m rolls and they had maybe 10 or so.. and it was buy-one-get-one for like $5.99. Im not real aware of the going rate... but if anyone is interested, Id be glad to pick some up from you.

If you want, maybe I can go in and take a pic of it, but It seemed pretty neutral. I may try and convince my wife to let me put THAT up in the kids room instead of racecars. It was pretty neutral, and the cyclists are differing muted colors. I just had never seen anything like that and thought that many of us fanatics would like to have something like that.

Im not selling them, I swear. If you are interested, just reply here, or to my email at


Let me know.