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Rim Trainer(2 posts)

Rim TrainerTHEbigringking
Jan 7, 2004 10:53 AM
Does anyone use a rim trainer (the kind that provides resistance at the rim instead of the tire)?
How effective are they at providing resistance? Do they cause undue wear on the rim? Are they as good/better/worse than fluid/mag/wind trainers? Have I asked enough questions? Should I ask more? Would you answer them if I did? ? ? ?

re: Rim Trainerrussw19
Jan 7, 2004 7:24 PM
I used one for about 2 years. I have since given it to my Mom and she now uses it.

They work great for mountain bikes where you may not want to remove your knobbies. I live in Florida and it's pretty much warm enough to ride here year round, but I hate to ride in cold rainy weather. So I used to have just a mountain bike and I was riding enough except winter rainy days. They were infrequent enough that it wasn't worth taking the knobbies on and off so the Minoura Rim Drive trainer was the way to go. My Mom only has a mountain bike so it now works well for her.

That all said... to answer your specific questions, They provide the same resistance that my fluid trainer provided. It is a little louder than my fluid trainer, but not obscene by trainer standards. They cause no wear on the rim. The resistance has a rubber donut that rides on the rim. It's softer than the rim, so that is going to wear before your rim. What causes rim wear from your brakes and such is some gritty material getting between your brake pad and the rim. As long as there is no abrasive material between your rim and the drive "donut" then your rim won't wear. They are as good as any other Mag trainer if you ask me. I prefer fluid trainers as they feel more "real" but if you don't want to put any wear on your tire or you frequently ride your mountain bike on your trainer, these are a good choice.

If you have more questions, just ask and I will be happy to answer them.