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Wipperman chain and 10 speed D/A?(5 posts)

Wipperman chain and 10 speed D/A?Ian
Jan 6, 2004 7:55 PM
Does the Wipperman 10 speed chain work with 10 speed D/A? The Wipperman website says it is not compatible with Shimano 10 speed.

Has anyone measured a 10 speed Campy and 10 speed Shimano chain? I have to think the dimensions would be nearly identical. Nine speed worked on both systems, why would 10 speed be different?

re: Easy decisionteoteoteo
Jan 7, 2004 6:20 AM
I just jumped over to DA 10 but still have my Chorus 10. I looked into the Wipperman thing because I'd like to keep one type of spare chain around--also I prefer the wipperman speed link. I gave up my quest when I read they don't work.

I just whipped out and a spare wipperman and compared to the DA 10 and the side plates are the biggest thing I notice. The Shimano plates are more hourglass shapped and skinnier from top to bottom, its most noticeable mid-link between the pins.

Right now I have to think that Wipperman would definately be touting their 10 chain on DA if it would work--With DA going to 10 I was hoping it would cause more chain makers like Sachs/Sram to jump into the fray as a little competition is good when 10 speed Campy chains are so damn expensive.
One more question..Ian
Jan 7, 2004 8:02 AM
I have always used SRAM 9 speed Powerlinks on my Shimano 9 speed chains. I like the ease of removal for cleaning. Do you use the Wipperman 10 speed connex link on your 10 speed D/A chain? That is the main feature I want.

measure first...C-40
Jan 7, 2004 9:57 AM
To see if a wipperman connex link would be appropriate to use with a DA 10 chain, the thickness of the chain across the INNER sideplates should be measured and compared to the DA chain. If the DA chain is much thinner, the link would fit too loosely to work properly. A wipperman 10 chain mesures .153-.154 inch across the inner sideplates. A 9 speed SRAM chain is .010 inch wider.

I would not bother with the wipperman chain, I found it to be considerably noiser than a campy chain. I would use the shimano 10 chain, as intended.
measure first...Ian
Jan 7, 2004 11:11 AM
I went ahead and ordered the Shimano chain. I don't have calipers to measure those types of increments though. I will probably just pick up a 10 speed connex link and see if it works. If not, no big deal, I'm out $5 dollars.