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Anyone seen (or ridden) that new Ritchey Breakaway?(6 posts)

Anyone seen (or ridden) that new Ritchey Breakaway?The Walrus
Jan 6, 2004 4:24 PM
Looks like it would be a great travel bike, that wouldn't impose any compromise in performance. I'm just wondering about the durability of those couplers, and the prospects for damage to the top tube and down tube while the bike's disassembled.
re: Anyone seen (or ridden) that new Ritchey Breakaway?Fender
Jan 6, 2004 4:38 PM
a buddy has it and he loves it. He said the couplers are not going to get damamged or anything unless you do something stupid to them. As far as damage to the tubes, I can't see that happening assuming you properly pack it. If you drop it while putting it in the case, then your on your own.

If could justify it, I would definitely buy one, but I don't travel enough.
re: Anyone seen (or ridden) that new Ritchey Breakaway?The Walrus
Jan 6, 2004 4:52 PM
Can't tell from the photo on Ritchey's site--is that a soft case? I'd be more worried about a baggage handler abusing the bike than I'd be about dropping the bike while packing.

I see Dahon has licensed the Ritchey design, and will make their own line of 700C bikes. Just wouldn't have the same sort of cachet as a Ritchey, but for $600+ less, I think I could swallow whatever pride I've got.
I'd worry about baggage inspection losing parts...peter in NVA
Jan 6, 2004 5:39 PM
imagine showing up with the couplers lost! My friend's wife raced cross for Ritchey on a prototype Breadkaway cross (no production plans) and it held up fine. That's got to be more abuse than road riding.
re: Anyone seen (or ridden) that new Ritchey Breakaway?gtx
Jan 6, 2004 5:39 PM
I've seen it. It's nice, more elegant IMO than the S&S setup. But I've never really had a huge problem traveling with my bike. I guess if you do it a lot it might be worth it to save on additional baggage fees.
re: I did (part of) a century that Tom Ritchey did.ACE-
Jan 6, 2004 10:58 PM
He did well over 100 that day. I don't think they were even on the market at that time. The cool thing is that you can't tell it's a breakaway without looking closely.