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probably stupid quest . . . asking anyway(3 posts)

probably stupid quest . . . asking anywaybm
Jan 6, 2004 12:58 PM
anyone ever tried, or thought it was possible, to build a cyclecross ride from a mtn frame?

( is the tire clearance too large? )

i'm not looking to race cyclecross yet. . . before i road seriously, i used to commute on a cheap univega mtn b. it's still strong and very durable, and i'd like to make it a project.

any ideas?
Not a stupid quest...Brooks
Jan 6, 2004 1:19 PM
Not a problem either. Depending on your wheels, you may want lighter wheels and add narrower mtn bike tires (1.5-1.8). Crossers generally don't have a triple crank, or at least drop one or two of the chain rings. Your gearing is a personal choice. You can 'cross with mtn bike (straight) bars or change out your stem and bars for drops. "Crossers also tend to swap the side the brake levers are on so the rear brake is the left lever. It's easier to get off the bike to the left while braking the rear in preparation for the running portion. The Cyclocross Discussion group will give you more specific information.
Not at all stupid...The Walrus
Jan 6, 2004 2:55 PM poster on the 'cross board showed a pic of a Litespeed Hiwassee he'd decked out with a rigid fork and drop bars; he was really pleased with the way it rode, and it looked
i great.