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Team fuji value?(3 posts)

Team fuji value?corbinshell
Jan 5, 2004 4:08 PM
I have a 2003 Team Fuji that I am considering selling. I have upgraded the drive train to an Ultegra tripple. Any idea what is a fair price to ask.

Corbin Shell
You might want to look at this link...damselindistress
Jan 5, 2004 6:22 PM
You might want to look at this link...biketx
Jan 6, 2004 6:40 PM
I believe that auction link's for an '02, but there are a couple of Cycle Spectrums near me, and I think they had new '03s for around $1095, something like that, with a mostly Ultegra group. It's hard to beat their deals on those Fujis, and they're pretty nice bikes, too. The Team Superlite (17 lbs, Ultegra) is awesome for the $1195 price, and a very pretty bike, too, but the shop manager was good enough to tell me that the wheelset was only designed for someone up to 175 lbs, so that knocked me out. I ended up with a Lemond Zurich off eBay and have loved it.

Did a completed items search on eBay and found two '03 Fuji Teams completed in December for $995 and $1125, respectively. Both were sold by and both were Dura-Ace, so a used Ultegra one with no guarantee would be worth a good bit less, I'd think.

I've sold one bike and bought three on eBay recently (hmmm...with a ratio like that, it's no wonder my garage is full), and my $.02 would be to hold off selling until March, when people are starting to think about cycling again. The auction action doesn't seem very lively right now.