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Winter Cycling Advice(5 posts)

Winter Cycling Advicebuffedupboy
Jan 5, 2004 2:42 PM
hello all,

I recently moved to Downright Nasty Cold Helsinki from Everday is a sunny day Singapore. I will be here for two years and experiencing a snowy winter for the first time.

I would like some advice as to how I can do some road cycling in this climate! It ranges from 2 to -10deg Celcius.

I have arm warmers, winter cycling/ windproof jacket, leg warmers, fleece skull cap and a winter overshoe. Do I need anything else? Reckon that will be enough?

Do I have to change tires to winter tires? If so, what brands are recommended?

thanks for the future advice,
re: Winter Cycling AdviceBowWow
Jan 5, 2004 3:50 PM
Above 0 deg C:
ear band
long finger mtb gloves
poly t-shirt
long-sleeved turtleneck
fleece vest
wind shell
riding shorts
poly socks

0 deg C to -10C
as above, but:
thin one hole balaclava (exposes most of face) replaces ear band
ski gloves replace MTB gloves
wind pants over tights

Below -10C
as above, but:
thicker balaclava with eye and mouth holes
Mid-weight long sleeved sweater replaces jersey (I still wear the vest)
insultated wind pants replace regular wind pants
thin poly socks under thicker wool socks

You may want to go to a 25c or 27c tire (if it will fit your frame/brakes). I just keep the same tires on year-round, but only ride on clean, dry roads. Nasty roads=trainer...

Good luck!
That's Helsinki, as in Finland?The Walrus
Jan 5, 2004 5:56 PM
Ingratiate yourself with the locals and get some Nokian winter "tyres"--they're made in Finland. (Look at to see what they've got.) Only catch would be that these are wiii-i-i-i-ide (35c-45c) sizes, so you might not be able to run them on a road frame--which is the perfect reason to buy a 'cross bike....
That's Helsinki, as in Finland?buffedupboy
Jan 6, 2004 2:48 AM
Yeah, Helsinki Finland. Thanks for the advice on the clothing. I will take all advice into consideration. I think I'll have to stick to my tires because my road frame won't take anything larger than a 23mm.

I have a MTB which is what I am using to get around right now. I have seen the Nokian tires and they go for something like 80Euros a piece. My XC tires seem to be sufficient in carrying me around until you hit black ice of course.... I never knew you could fall down when you were stationary standing next to your bike.

re: Winter Cycling Advicexxl
Jan 6, 2004 11:56 AM
One tip for when it gets really cold, if you don't like to wear sweaty fabrics over your face, is to borrow the downhill skiing technique of slathering your face with Vaseline. It really does help keep the wind, and chapped cheeks, at bay.