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How is Total Cycling out of Ireland?(14 posts)

How is Total Cycling out of Ireland?bimini
Jan 5, 2004 10:34 AM
I plan on placing an order for some Campy parts to replace some I wore out on my everyday road bike. (my winter project). I also like the Vred Tricomp prices so will get a pair or two.

Has anyone had any positive or negative experiences?

The prices look good and shipping is reasonable.
re: How is Total Cycling out of Ireland?BrokenSpoke
Jan 5, 2004 10:48 AM
I have ordered several times from them, pedals, tires, closthing, and each time the articles were delivered on time and in great shape. They are a first class outfit and I will order from them again.
No. Ireland (UK) if I'm not mistaken. Only good experiences.djg
Jan 5, 2004 11:04 AM
Bought a bunch of chorus stuff for a build up early in the fall and I've made a few smaller purchases over the years--no complaints at all.
re: How is Total Cycling out of Ireland?fraser
Jan 5, 2004 1:06 PM
agreed, good operators...they use DHL i think. you can track parcel on the web. only problem i had with this formal process was duty. the parcel was put through customs by dhl and i copped a few unexpected charges. still made $$ savings though.
Parcel Force (Royal Mail) is cheaper and only a tad slowerAkirasho
Jan 5, 2004 5:14 PM
... generally it's cheaper to order multiple items at a time per shipping costs... and depending on the items and carrier, there may actually be no duties.

Be the bike.
positive nmafrican
Jan 5, 2004 1:41 PM
re: How is Total Cycling out of Ireland?dicklynn0585
Jan 5, 2004 2:05 PM
I bought all my components from them and am planning on doing it again.
check out the prices carefullyirregardless
Jan 5, 2004 4:44 PM
It's not their fault, but if you're in the US, the exchange rate has taken a beating lately. It's over $1.8 per UK pound. Just a year and a half ago it was $1.45 or so. Do the math, don't rely on the estimated prices on the website that may be based on an outdated lower exchange rate.
So far so goodChainstay
Jan 5, 2004 6:47 PM
I just placed my second order. Their service has been good. Prices on European made stuff are great but even their Shimano equipment is lower that in the Canadian LBS's, especially when you avoid the 15% sales tax.
So far so goodBaadDawg
Jan 5, 2004 7:02 PM
Chainstay I too am in Canada and have often wondered what the deal was like when ordering from Total in Ireland. How much shipping and duty did you pay?

I thought you had to pay PST and GST when parcels get sent across the border. What about duty?
re: How is Total Cycling out of Ireland?Max11
Jan 5, 2004 6:45 PM
Placed several orders with them and always received items plus they have so many great deals going on. 1st rate business.
re: How is Total Cycling out of Ireland?Jack9
Jan 5, 2004 6:58 PM
Ordered a Look HSC 3 fork from them, Monday their time, it arrived in California Wednesday 11:00 AM, two days later. Shipping via DHL was $16.
re: How is Total Cycling out of Ireland?Saddle_Sore
Jan 6, 2004 2:59 AM
I ordered my Shimano Ultegra group set from them last year and saved myself about £180 over the nearest competitor. The gear arrived bang on time, in one piece. Couldn't fault them at all.

Another really good shop for parts and advice (these guys know what they are on about) is - based in Congleton (Cheshire), I've bought with confidence from them a lot recently as well.
Ordered twice from them...komatiite
Jan 6, 2004 8:38 AM
No problems with payment or shipping. choose the cheaper method for shipping. Im on east coast (OH) and i got my packages in less than a week!? amazing. great prices and good customoer service. I'd say go for it.