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Experience with metatarsalgia? (Pain in(2 posts)

Experience with metatarsalgia? (Pain inOldEdScott
Jan 5, 2004 9:08 AM
ball of foot, behind toes).

What did you do about it, specifically inserts or cycling shoes that lessen symptoms? Icing or heat? Exercises?
re: Experience with metatarsalgia? (Pain inRoundabout
Jan 5, 2004 1:34 PM
My sympathies. I have been there.

My problem was much worse off the bike than on the bike. As for fixes, I asked my chiropractor for help. He "mobilized" the bones in my foot, which felt great, but didn't last. What did help me was to a metatarsal pad in my shoes behind the painful spot, perhaps an inch closer to the heel. You can make one yourself out of something like dense rubber, perhaps a quarter inch thick or more and 1 inch in diameter. I tape these in all my shoes under the insole. It feels wierd at first but it helps a lot. I think it pushes the metarsal bones slightly further apart, letting the inflammation heal. Experiment with different positions and sizes of pads.

Before I discovered the pad, I put a 3/4 Sof Sole with graphite arch in my cycling shoes and have not had any pain while on the bike.