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Rock and Roll. Got a question!(11 posts)

Rock and Roll. Got a question!Lazywriter
Jan 3, 2004 7:19 PM
Here is my new toy (Sonor Drum Kit) with my other toys hanging in the background. (Cymbals coming this week if anyone was wondering).
Question is, since I always had my bikes on racks in my apartment, now that I moved into my house, storing them this way is more practical but is it harmful to suspend bikes from the front tire? I mean is it potentially damaging to the headset?
re: Rock and Roll. Got a question!Akirasho
Jan 3, 2004 7:31 PM
... generally the only concerns would be for certain oil dampened shocks... some may leak when suspended thusly...

Be the bike.
re: Rock and Roll. Got a question!ZenJones
Jan 3, 2004 8:48 PM
Should have bought Ayotte drums. :)

Also, why power toms? Very 80's. A more standard sized shell would give you more focused overtones. Prepare to dampen those to kill the unwanted overtones... small piece of papertowel, folded over in half with a small piece of duct tape or electrical tape should do it.

Nice red sparkle though! What series are the drums... outside of the wood bassdrum hoop they appear to be student line or just above(hard to see the tom mounts so I am just guessing).
re: Rock and Roll. Got a question!ZenJones
Jan 3, 2004 8:49 PM
Error... Sorry- red laquer... had a brain fart on the sparkle, sorry.
DW Drums are the only way to rock!russw19
Jan 3, 2004 9:07 PM
And no, it won't hurt your bikes to be hung like that. Other than shock oil leaking, which someone else already mentioned.

re: Rock and Roll. Got a question!Lazywriter
Jan 3, 2004 9:30 PM
They are the 3001 series which was listed as a intermediate to semi-pro level set in one "expert's" article. Some of the other sets in this class were:
Advice about buying drumsets and cymbals

Semi-pro level
Durability: as good as pro
Sound: great, pro stage performance quality
Resale Value: great
Additional sizes: yes
You can find these in drums only "shell packs".

Sonic Plus II by Sonor
Force 3001 by Sonor
Saturn Pro by Mapex
Rocker Pro by Ludwig
Pacific L Series by Drum Workshop
Tour Pro by Taye
Tama Starclassic Performer
Pacific LX
Yamaha Oak Custom
Premier Artist Maple
Premier Artist Birch
Peavey 751
Pearl Session Custom (SRX)

I haven't played in over 18 years and wasn't going for my lungs. Ayotte are custom and more than I need right now. These Sonor got the best reviews I could find and for the proce I paid, they are really really awesome. The hardware is very very good on the Sonors.
My last set was purchased in 1977. Help me out, what makes the toms, "power toms"? I have been out of the loop a while. Also, I know this is way off topic from bicycles, but what can I do to reduce the buzz of the snare when I hit the bass and toms?
re: Rock and Roll. Got a question!ZenJones
Jan 4, 2004 2:01 AM
"Durability: as good as pro" Go play clubs 6 nights a week for a year and see...

"Sound: great, pro stage performance quality" Based on who's opinion? WTF is 'pro stage performance quality" anyway?? Maybe something translated to, "They look cool, dude"

"Resale Value: great" Yep, on Ebay for $199.00 w/some assorted crapola student line Sabians or Camber cymbals made out of 98% tin and 2% brass in 4 years time.

Gotta love PR stuff... I am a bit surprised you'd quote that knowing about high quality bikes... sort of like believing the folks at WalMart when they say, "Ride Like The Pros" about a road bike on sale for $99.99.



To answer your questions... a power tom is usually defined by being the same diameter as its depth(however another definition of Power Tom is any depth greater than standard)... what's called square diameters e.g. standard 13 inch tom would be ex. 9x13... power tom-13x13. The problem is-having that much extra depth really screws with sympathetic overtones(read-harmonics)and adds zero volume increase(the major manufacturers ALL claimed power toms were louder unamplified until an independent study was conducted by Modern Drummer which showed otherwise... however they stayed in fashion back in the 80's as looking cool and to this day many heavy metal guys use them because, well-you know, they're heavy metal guys).

The almighty buzz... a little more tricky.

1. Your power toms and large bass drum naturally make your snare want to scream and beg for mercy. More standard sizing would reduce this. However...

2. Too late, you already bought the heavy thunder cannons for toms so you need a fix, right? Right. Not being able to see the heads-top and bottom-I would suggest to go to a 2 ply head i.e. Fiberskin, Controlled Sound(also known as a Black Dot)or a
Pinstripe on the battersides and underneath... something like clear Ambassadors. This will help.

3. The sage advice(this usually costs $$ but today I feel your pain ;) )... after getting everything tuned up(and hopefully you know how to tune and NOT find that tuning means the heads have wrinkles in them... make them sound "good" in otherwords)take one lug per tom nearest your snare(and bass drum)batterside only and DETUNE it with your key by a quarter turn. Viola! That should do it. If not, stay on that one lug and use another quarter turn-DETUNING-not up... dooooown.

The beauty of this is that it knocks the drums tendency to want to lock onto a harmonic overtone(which is what sends your snare into buzzing nirvana)out of the picture-while not taking it out of timbre(pitch)from where your ear desires it to be. The quarter turn is not noticable to the human ear but to the drum it is. If the detuned tom becomes apparent to your ear-you've gone too far.

As far as your BD goes... why it has a mic hole in it is beyond me(preparing for a Motley Crue reunion tour are you?)and I'll assume it came that way and you didn't do that yourself. In any case, the drum needs some muffling. Take a thin sheet, roll it up(like a long egg roll), place it in the bass drum so that it rests on the shell just touching the inside bottom of the batterhead(the one your bass drum beater strikes)and place thin strips of duct or electrical tape across it with the tape ends just touching the shell on one side and the inside of the batterhead on the other side. The need for the tape is twofold-1) It keeps the sheet from moving away from the batterhead as your beater strikes it and 2) The sheet, if properly placed, will go nearly half(maybe a bit more)up the inside contour of your BD shell and tape holds it in place-playing or not.

You should find that makes for a low, throaty yet melodic note when you smack the byjesus out of it while trashing wildly along to the latest Justin Timberlake CD.

Rock Onward My Wayward Son!
Zen, thanksLazywriter
Jan 4, 2004 6:52 AM
I think my Toms are somewhere in between because the measurements are 12 X 10 and 13 X 11. As far as the article goes, that was one of many that touted the Sonors as one of the best drums for the $. If you see them and feel them in person, you would see how much better they are than comparably prices Tamas and Pearls etc. Sonor is known for heavy shells and hardware even in their lower lines. Remember, these are for my amusement in my basement so I didn't want to spend crazy $.
I went to several shops and spoke to the guys about the Sonors and even the places that didn't sell them told me to buy them over the Tamas and pearls they has in stock. I appreciated their honesty.
I surprisingly tuned them pretty well. Haven't done that is many many years, but they sound very good. Thanks for the advice, I will try tuning out the buzz later today.
P.S. I listen to the Pixies, Clash, Cake, Eels, and so on.
NP Lazy... enjoy your drums and don't hesitate to ask more-->>ZenJones
Jan 4, 2004 8:36 AM
Questions if they arise.

Having played since I started lessons at 5 years old and now being 40 I may be able to offer some insight... of course, the same can't be said about my knowledge of bikes-that's why I come here though! sogno
Jan 4, 2004 5:44 PM
Can you get to the Hollywood Hills for jams? Our drummer has a tendency to cancel out on us at the last minute.
Lazy-I'll fill you in on my gear in the Non-Cycling forum(nm)ZenJones
Jan 4, 2004 7:55 PM