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Dura Ace Crank 40% stiffer than Carbon - Velonews(5 posts)

Dura Ace Crank 40% stiffer than Carbon - VelonewsChainstay
Jan 3, 2004 3:50 PM
Maybe this is old news on the board but I just found this on the Shimano Europe web site in the news section. It's an abstract of a velo news article. The article is pasted in except for the table which I retyped. Does this mean carbon cranks are 100% hype?

Ranking the crank" (Comparison test by Velonews, USA)
Crankset stiffness comparison test carried out by American magazine Velonews:

"For this test, we collected four of the latest carbon cranksets to study their stiffness-to-weight ratios. (...) We also included two aluminum cranksets to get answers to two of the most common questions on the technical cyclist's mind: How stiff are the latest generation cranks, and how do carbon cranks compare to aluminum ones?"

Our intent was to test the stiffness of the cranks in a way that simulated actual riding conditions as closely as possible. The right crankarm was attached to a bottom bracket that was free to rotate inside a bottom-bracket shell fixed to a test bench. The driveside crankarm was then loaded at the pedal. (...) The load applied on the pedal increased steadily from zero to 425 pounds, an amount beyond that which most riders can apply when pedaling. The deflection was measured in inches, with the digital indicator signal passing through a filter to attenuate any electronic noise."

Dura Ace 1681 lbs/sq in
FSA Carbon Pro Superlight 1186
Campy Record Carbon 1176
Colnago Carbon 1111
TruVativ Rouleur 1048
Profile Design Elite pro Carbon 995

"The data show that the Dura-Ace crank, new for 2004, is far stiffer than the others. The stiffness of the FSA and Campagnolo carbon cranks was virtually identical, and the Colnago carbon barely edged out the Truvativ aluminum. The carbon Profile Design cranks brought up the rear in stiffness."

"With its relatively low weight, the Dura-Ace crank topped all categories as well in stiffness per unit weight."

You can find the complete article in Velonews (USA), November 10, 2003, page 62-64.
yeah, old news - full article herecollinsc
Jan 3, 2004 5:44 PM
re: Here's the linkChainstay
Jan 3, 2004 5:56 PM
Thanks (nm)coonass
Jan 3, 2004 6:40 PM
I rode them and they are incredible!Tig
Jan 4, 2004 5:21 PM
I never really felt the difference from one crank set to the next until I tried the new DA's. I didn't expect them to be anything other than slightly ugly. Man was I wrong! These cranks are so stiff, I could even feel the difference with street shoes!

I can't wait until the Ultegra version comes out next year so that us unsponsored mortals can benefit from the improved technology. Even the wholesale price is kinda' steep. For the first time since STI came out, Shimano has a solid advantage over Campy (at least in the cranks).