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The end to my riding and a self promotion(7 posts)

The end to my riding and a self promotionwookieontherun
Jan 3, 2004 3:00 PM
Well, i mentioned it before, but after my first really serious year of riding im finding out more and more that my riding is aggrivating a long standing medical condition of mine. I've spoken with 3 different doctors now and all three have told me to stop riding at least for the next few years to see how my health progresses. I'm having a pretty hard time coming to grips with it all after all the time, money, mental and physical energy ive put into my riding. I pretty much rearranged my entire life to focus around my riding, but i guess somethings are more important than the bike. That being said I wanted to post the links to my auctions to sell my bike and accessories. I know i caught some flack for the BIN price of my 5200 before so i decided after much thought to cancel the auction and relist with a much more reasonable BIN price and no reserve. Here are the links:

2003 56cm Trek 5200

Trico Ironcase

Speedplay Zero Ti's
Wow, I'm sorry to hear about this turn of events.sn69
Jan 3, 2004 3:26 PM
I trust things turned out alright with the TSA goons, though? I looked at your ebay photos, and the bike looks alright.

If you don't mind me asking, is your condition back related? I'm wondering if a Grant Peterson-esque riding style might not better suit you, albeit relatively non competitive. As long as you're not suffering from something degenerative (hips, discs, etc) or neurological, perhaps a different riding style will still afford some opportunities to enjoy human-powered transportation.

In any case, best of luck. ...Looks like it's time to take up swimming as a two year base-building phase in advance of your return to biking.

Wow, I'm sorry to hear about this turn of events.wookieontherun
Jan 3, 2004 11:44 PM
i really dont want to go into it, its all internal honestly, we are gonna see how things progress for the next few years and see where i am then... sucks bigtime
... I don't wanna press the issue...Akirasho
Jan 4, 2004 7:15 AM
... but in getting your second and third opinions, were your doctors well versed in your desires for continued cycling and are they savy enough to recognize and identify alternatives (I make sure that both my GP and Orthopaedic surgeons know my priorities)?

At any rate, I feel your angst... and wish you well in whatever endeavours life holds.

Good luck.

Be the bike.
... I don't wanna press the issue...wookieontherun
Jan 4, 2004 9:36 AM
Yah, all of my Dr's understand my priorities, but when it comes down to an issue of cycling or health then i have to choose health over cycling. Hopefully in a few years things will really get better and maybe i can get back on the bike.
... I don't wanna press the issue...gtx
Jan 4, 2004 10:13 AM
well, if it is your back (or neck or something related), I can say that at least 3 docs told me I'd never ride again, some wanted to cut me open, etc. I was off for 2.5 years and things only got worse, no matter how much PT I did. Then I read this book and was back riding in two weeks. That includes riding my hardtail. Pain free for five years now.
I'm in agreement with.......coonass
Jan 4, 2004 5:28 PM
the replies of the members.....keep in mind that the first doctor's report preceeded your visits to Docs #2 & #3 and it wouldn't be unreasonable for #2 or #3 to agree w/#1 and assume zero doing nothing for 3 years is certainly no liabilty to them...just 3 years out of your life. I suffered from severe (Sciatia??) nerve pain in mid-Jan, 2003 and went through the lower lumbar scans, MRI, nerve electrical test, etc. via 3 doctors, and it wasn't until I visited a 4th Neuro-surgeon that disagreed with all of the previous reports, with the exception that I do have a 'touch' of arthritis in my left hip....I told the N-s that I was a biker and she said that I should take it easy and to call back if the pain returned (went away during this 3 months of treatment). By late-April I was back on the bike and rode better in 2003 than ever before, and without any pain whatsoever. I rationalized that my pain was brought on by Spinning for 1.5 hrs with a hard-core racing group; so I've dropped the Spinning Sessions. Common sense and listening to your body is more important to me than some doctor that never lays an examining finger on you. I've always been Vitamin/Mineral/Herb conscious, and also take joint protectors, etc. as a preventive measure.....some say I'm wasting my money, but I'll be 64yo this year and can still average 16 - 17.5mph for rides >40 miles, and don't suffer from sore knees or back troubles.....