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Newbie Doing Century?(5 posts)

Newbie Doing Century?Marcus75
Jan 3, 2004 2:58 AM
I'm new to Road Cycling and plan to do the Tour de Palm Springs in February. I been into MTBing for 10 years and am in good physical shape so I think I can do this? Is it a good idea to jump into a century ride? Anyone done this race, is it difficult? I been riding 30 miles/day per 2 to 3 times per week. Any tips for training?

Any suggestions or feedback is greatly appreciated.
Probably be finepitt83
Jan 3, 2004 5:35 AM
2-3 weeks before-hand, try a 75 and see how you feel. That should be your gauge. If you can't finish that, consider taking a turn out route on your organized ride.

Advice (FWIW)

1.) Know your body. Know what energy drinksgels, etc work for you and what don't. If you're not bonking or cramping, it makes your day much more enjoyable. Konw what's going to be available at the rest stops and either work with that or provide for yourself. My digestive tract is really sensitive and I've learned this lesson.

2.) Pace. I always go out like a house on fire and die at the finish. Try not to do this. Also, your last 1/4 will take as long as your first 1/2. Don't worry.

3.) Kill your computer. Disconnect your cycle computer and don't use it. If you obsess about 81.2 miles versus 82.4 and start calculating how far / long you have remaining, it ruins the fun. Let it go and enjoy the ride. Don't even use a watch for time of day. The ride is your day.

4.) Buddy up. Time goes by much quicker if you have a riding partner to fill the void time. But, pick your friends carefully. If they want to hammer and you don't, then pass on the companionship and find someone else with your goals in mind. Or, be willing to meet up at rests and ride your own ride between stops.

Nothing really magical about the century mark except the number. Try and think of it as 4 consecutive 25 milers and the distance isn't daunting. I've found that the mental barrier is much bigger than the physical ones for long rides. The randoneeurs on the board would probably agree?

Jan 3, 2004 7:56 AM
I agree with Dave. As a general rule if you can do 3/4's of distance once before the ride, you'll "survive". If you can do 3/4's of the distance at least twice 2-3 weeks prior to the the ride, you'll probably feel pretty good afterwards. Go slower than you think you should in the beginning and finish strong. I've done 2 dozen or so centuries and 1 double century and this advice has never failed me.
Training Info....bent_spoke
Jan 3, 2004 8:27 AM
There's alot of different training info out there. I used something from Bicyling Rag. I posted it previously. bent_spoke "Training for a century this fall" 7/22/03 3:27pm

Check this out & see how it suits you. Have fun with your Century!!!
re: Newbie Doing Century?ramboorider
Jan 3, 2004 2:43 PM
I agree with the other suggestions but I wouldn't just suddenly do a 75 a few weeks prior. Start ramping up your mileage a bit at a time to where you can do a metric century comfortably (about 62 miles). Then try some longer ones if you want. I'd never done more than 65 miles when I did my first century several years ago (was planning to do the metric route that day, but missed the turnoff). Surprisingly I didn't have any problems doing the whole distance. But as everyone else is telling you, pacing and eating during the ride is key.

Good luck,