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Ciclosport HAC4(2 posts)

Ciclosport HAC4riderbobsocal
Jan 2, 2004 10:55 PM
I just got my HAC4 and its a little hard to setup. I think I have all the settings correct, but when I start to record data and then try and pull it from my machine it pulls alot of raw data. I have reset the measurement units as per the instructions. Does anyone know if the HAC4 pulls all the raw data stored in the computer and you have to look at the appended info or does each ride show as a file? Shouldnt resetting the unit blank the raw data? Sorry if my questions sounds stupid, but I went thru the manual three times and it doesnt say a thing :(

Thanks for any suggestions or pointers anyone can give me.

re: Ciclosport HAC4torquecal
Jan 3, 2004 6:20 AM
It pulls 100% of memory each time you download. Starting and stopping the record function (UL and LL buttons simultaneously) merely sets a 'marker' in the memory that a ride just began or stopped. If you use the Hactronic software, it displays a list of all the rides in memory immediately after and upload to the computer. In this screen you can choose which ride to view.