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Riding on Maui island(4 posts)

Riding on Maui islandEric_H
Jan 2, 2004 3:06 PM
With the greater Vancouver area getting snow and cold weather (and the resultant icy roads), I am now very much looking forward to a trip to Maui in 2 weeks. My wife has a conference that will keep her busy for a few days, so I am bringing my bike and hoping to get in some warmer weather riding. I did search out previous postings on riding in Maui, and checked Go Cycling Maui (looks like fun, but pretty pricey if I want to ride for 4 days!), however I have a couple of my own questions.

We are staying in Wailea on the south/west coast. Has anyone ridden down Hwy.31 south of Wailea and across on the south of the island to the east side? Some maps don't show the road existing but it is on Mapquest. Perhaps it is not a busy tourist road so a lot of tourism maps skip it? How about south on Hwy 31 and then back north on Hwy.37 to Haleakala?

Any and all riding information would be appreciated, especially riding from the Wailea area. I plan to ride from our hotel and avoid having to drive.
re: Riding on Maui islandcycleaddict
Jan 2, 2004 7:07 PM
Riding on Maui is not a whole lot of fun--lots of tourist traffic and not many roads to ride on. From Wailea you can go north towards Lahaina/Kaanapali or try the climb up Haleakala. The "road" around the south part of the island is a jeep road and very desolate.
Enjoy the warm weather and have fun. Wish it was me!!
re: Riding on Maui islandLeadvilleBlues
Jan 3, 2004 9:21 AM
Eric, I've lived here on Maui for 25 years, and the traffic has become a problem just like anywhere else. Still, I have a few good rides that aren't too bad. You can reach me at Island Biker W,T,F, 9a.m. /5 p.m. Donnie's "Go Cycling Maui" may seem pricey, but still a good deal with support and meals. The road around the backside of Haleakala gets a bit narley with gravel and washouts during the heavy rains ( which we're having today !) in spots. You could always turn around at that point and loop back, still a good ride IMHO. Give me a call upon your arrival.

Scott Burns
Just got backbimini
Jan 4, 2004 12:14 PM
We were in Maui for a week. I rented a bike from Haleakala bike company one day and rode up Haleakala. (see trip report). Haleakala Bike company is in Haihu and were able to rent me a nice Lemond on short notice and were very helpful. I called a couple of other places and they were down right snotty. It is peak season so you may want to reserve a bike. Take along your shoes and pedals, you can rent everything else.

I noticed many of the roads had nice wide bike lanes on the side of them so you sould be able to get around okay. The highway along the ocean has a bike lane from Kihea down to Wailea.