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Van Dessel moustache bars anyone? (x-post)(4 posts)

Van Dessel moustache bars anyone? (x-post)scrublover
Jan 2, 2004 2:58 PM
anyone got 'em on anything? i've been trying to pick up a set of the nitto moustache bars, but they are out of stock everywhere i've tried. yes, even rivendell is out. anyone know where i can get the nitto bars?

OR van dessel has some on their site for ~$30. anyone have any experience with them on one of their cruisers or something? wanting one for a fixie project.
re: Van Dessel moustache bars anyone? (x-post)Kary
Jan 2, 2004 7:36 PM
I bought a set from them a couple of years ago at Pedros MTB Festival. Put them on my commuter. I now have a couple of thousand miles on them. They work well for me as I was able to keep my brake levers and shifters.
They really only give me one extra hand position.
I have ridden them offroad and also did a century on them.
You may need to change your stem length.
I put the "stachios" on my...msmootsiemartin
Jan 2, 2004 7:57 PM
Surly 1x1 that I built up as a townie bike. I really like them. If I recall correctly, some of the differences between the Nittos and the Van Dessel's are that the Van Ds are narrower and are flat (the Nittos have some drop to them). I mounted mine so they slant down a bit. They take a mtn. bike brake lever and I believe they come in a 25.4 (mtn. bike) clamp size. The scale of the Van Ds work well for me (I normally run about a 38cm bar) and my bike is an extra small. You may want to verify this info. I know that some people find the Van Ds to narrow. Have you tried AEBike and Bikeman for the Nitto bars? I know they both carried them last fall.

Good luck!

thanks. yeah, ....scrublover
Jan 3, 2004 3:52 PM
i tried aebike and bikeman. both carry, but were out. every shop i've tried (local and web/mail based) tells me the same. backordered, and will be several weeks. i've got a flat bar to throw on it, but really want to try moustache bars on it. saw the van dessells. i know they are flatter/narrower. eh, ordered a set yesterday. at $29.99 shipped, i thought what the hell. we'll see if i like them. i think i'll cadge upa shim so i can use road levers if i want. fixie/ss, so no shifters, and going in a mtn stem anyhow.