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Paging Dale Brighamfunknuggets
Jan 2, 2004 8:20 AM
Dude, why the heck aren't you listed in the Columbia phone book? I was trying desperately to track you down yesterday on the way into town. I wanted to know the skinny on taking back way in from Boonville, coming 40 hwy all the way to Uu, to Stillhouse. I just didn't know how the road was, and traffic and such. So I was forced to go with the mtb and she dropped me off in Roachport, so I just went back to columbia and went back and forth on the trail to make up 2 hours... Would have rather spent it on the road, but just wanted to know for next time...

Sorry! Wife won't let me have listed phone number until...Dale Brigham
Jan 2, 2004 10:11 AM
...I can prove to her that I am a responsible adult. Which means, of course, never.

Seriously, it's just an administrative oversight that my phone identity was lost when our households merged in matrimony a couple of years ago. At least, that's my wife's story. I'll email you my phone number.

There is a reasonable route from Boonville to Columbia, which follows: From Boonville, cross bridge over the MO River on U.S. 40 to New Franklin, take DD (insert bra size joke here) north to Fayette, then MO 124 east past Harrisburg, and then south on E or YY/bunch of tiny roads/VV to Columbia. It's a real three-hour-tour that will kill your desire for riding hills for awhile (at least, that's its effect on me).

Regarding your proposed route, I'd stay off of U.S. 40 as much as possible, if it were my hide out there on the pave. What with the new gamblin' casino in Boonville (they say the fried possum at the buffet is to die for!), the traffic of Missourians eager to lose their hard-earned meth money is pretty heavy. It's a good place to wind up as a hood ornament on a primer-gray Trans Am.

Happy New Year, Funk! It's a great year to become a randonneur. I'll see you at the 200K brevet in Liberty in March.

question DaleFTMD
Jan 2, 2004 11:31 AM
Sorry to bust in on the private convo, but is there a website with MO brevet series info? Thanks.
Nothing private here, FTMD. We'ez on da' Web.Dale Brigham
Jan 2, 2004 12:13 PM
We are fortunate to have two brevet series here in MO -- West Coast (Kansas City) and East Coast (St. Louis). The schedules for both can be found on the Randonneur USA website ( under "Rides." In that section, look for the brevet schedule for those cities using the site's ride search engine. The brevet series in St. Louis has a website (; the one in Kansas City does not.

Personally, I find that contacting the brevet administrators who put on these rides (their contact info is also on the RUSA website) to be most helpful for getting start times, directions to the ride, and other essential info. Also, I'd be happy to help in any way I can. Feel free to email me at

I hope to see you out there on the 200 and 300 km brevets in KC, if you are on that side of our state.

Jan 2, 2004 12:45 PM
Thanks. I'm the eastern half, so I'll likely stay over here. Thanks for the linkage!
Glad to be of assistance!Dale Brigham
Jan 2, 2004 2:00 PM
Aaron Rumple runs the great brevet STL series out of Edwardsville, IL. The 400 km brevet last I rode last May was super (great route, cue sheet, and road markings).

Jan 2, 2004 11:36 AM
Glad I did the Katy then... was just E2 day, so easy to keep the HR set there, but got bored going back into town and started to estimate my avg speed by timing the mile markers (only had HR and watch). Kept 3:17 miles steady into campus from McBaine on the mtn bike, so happy the trail wasnt as sloppy as it was on Christmas day. Still soft, so it sloughed off every ounce of speed you had if you stopped pedaling. Anyway, 30 miles of that flat trail is monontonous, thank goodness I only hit it 3-4 times a year. So I cant imagine your randonneur experiences. Sounds like a nightmare to me. So enough with the propaganda.