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New Day Rising(2 posts)

New Day RisingJS Haiku Shop
Jan 2, 2004 7:55 AM
how do you ride, Bike?
chasing the ghosts of the past
how you do ride, Bike

chasing you at last
yet it is another day
outrunning the ghost

a sprint and a stop
twice along the river road
it comes to a head

you power away
but stop on the hill to push
removing your shoes

flagging near the end
but you did not eat enough
perhaps on purpose

and, while you away
(on wing-ed wheels, your escape)
I pursue the dead

finally, a One.
listening, many follow--
but only one Hears

Persephone (my)
can you go any faster?
hope, certainly not

this year, many rides
thousands of revolutions
one revelation

reader, hopeful, wish:
you will find Persephone
object of desire

straddle with your legs
control at arm's end, direct;
willing feet propel

with posterior
firmly contemplate the grind
or, out of saddle

shiftless, once for all
only one brake is required
and no bottle cage

along with scepter
to locomotives, pronounce
You da Man. It is a journey, isn't it? nmLen J
Jan 2, 2004 7:58 AM