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Titanium Frame(11 posts)

Titanium Framechanhoward
Jan 2, 2004 6:31 AM
Thinking of getting a Titanium bike, come across 2 types of Ti frame. Full Titanium frame & Titanium frame with Carbon Rear Triangle.
What is the difference? Which should I get? Advice appreciated.
... too many variables...Akirasho
Jan 2, 2004 6:56 AM
... there's no real answer... or at least simple answer to your question.

Just as tubes on virtually any other bicycle can be manipulated to "tune" ride and handling characteristics, so too with titanium... and Ti/CF mixes are the same.

FWIW, I've got a couple frames with CF stays... one aluminium... one titanium... and the stays serve different functions on each.

According to the manufacturer, the CF stays on the aluminium model were designed to dampen road vibrations thus making for a more compliant ride. On the titanium model the stays are proported to stiffen the rear, allowing for a bit more response. In my experience, both are correct. Each manufacturer will give their reasons for use of tubesets and combinations with carbon fiber... but it's difficult to wade through the ad hype and get at the tangibles.

You'd need to be a bit more specific on your expectations with respect to ride qualities in general... then it'll probably break down to the hard part... trying to squeeze in meaningful test rides on your candidates. Were you looking at some specific frames?

Be the bike.
Thanks Akirashochanhoward
Jan 2, 2004 8:42 AM
Thanks for your reply and advice.
Coming from a MTB background and riding a Titanium MTB bike now, I would definitely like to go for Titanium for my first bike(newbie to Road bike here). Steel is the second choice, but I would rather save my money hard for a Titanium bike. No Aluminium or Carbon for me, they are good frame, just not my choice.
I always ride Ti because the feel is just comfortable, a long lasting material, no rust to worry about, good for long rides(like steel) etc.
If I do go into Road Riding one day, I just like something I can ride and be comfortable and a good climbing machine.
Reason why I am asking about a Titanium bike with a Carbon Rear Triangle because I am always not comfortable with Carbon, I just wonder if it is a good combination...
True, Carbon might be stiff and shock asorbing material.....
I was wondering will the Carbon rear triangle one day just snap.....
I am not looking for any particular brands, but no expensive brand for me like Litespeed, Seven, Moots, etc. I need to be on budget
I am looking at "cheaper" or no brands Ti frame in my country.
In the city I am getting my frame, the price different between a full titanium and a Ti with Carbon Rear Triangle is about $400 different(Ti with Carbon Rear Triangle being the more expensive one). Just wondering if it is worth to spend the extra....
Thanks for your advice.
Second to Kerry's pointskai-ming
Jan 2, 2004 6:02 PM
If you are uncomfortable about carbon why bother with the carbon triangle. You don't have to worry about the flex. of rear brake as you do on the mtb rear v-brake. I am also thinking about a economical ti road bike for touring purposes. It looks like you live somewhere near HongKong. Where did you get the quote of these ti bikes, how much for the full ti one and any sizes to choose from ?
To: Kai-Mingchanhoward
Jan 2, 2004 7:50 PM
Dear Kai ming,
Thank you for your reply. No I do not stay near Hong Kong. I am from Japan. I posted the price in $(estimated) so that it is easy for people in this forum to understand, instead of putting the price in Japanese Yen.
Bikes(and frames) are so expensive here in Japan, so I always try to be on budget whenever I try to do a hobby, especially for an expensive sport like cycling. While I was staying in Singapore for a few years, I could appreciate how much cheaper things are in Singapore, also some mail order online bicycle shop in USA also have good price. But in Japan, even previous year model can be expensive(very small discount).
Good luck with your Ti Bike search and happy Riding!!!!
Howard Kobayashi "Chan"
Will you have any opportunities to ride the frame before...Akirasho
Jan 2, 2004 9:24 PM
... you buy it??

While I don't believe that carbon stays or their joining to alloy tubes represents a clear and present danger (new techniques and adhesives (along with the litigious nature of US consumers)) and there may be valid justifications for this hybridization... currently, it's the fad of the day (carbon fiber is the all the rage... and manufacturers are looking for any ways to market or create new markets for the material) so choose carefully.

You just may find that the "plain" alloy frame is all you want or need depending on your riding style. If possible, you should try the frames for yourself in order to determine what works best for you.

Also, look at your purchase as a long term investment. For the most part, many of us use the same frame for years if not decades (while I have a lot of bikes, I still ride some of the older ones frequently)... a quality built Ti frame should last longer than you!

Be the bike.
Ti is all you need....lyleseven
Jan 3, 2004 9:00 PM
The Ti/CF combo is dicey unless you are getting it from a seasoned manufacturer and that is going to cost more in and of itself, such as Seven, Litespeed, etc. Most Ti/CF bikes are recommended for lighter riders also. Titanium by itself is very sweet....
And one more point (or maybe two)Kerry Irons
Jan 2, 2004 5:24 PM
To me, this concept starts with the disadvantage of higher complexity. All else equal, this translates into a more failure prone system. Also, Cannondale would tell you that adding the metal-CF junction adds weight to their design. Whether the CF rear end actually adds anything, especially compared to letting 5 psi out of your tires, is VERY much open to question.
re: Titanium Framestemshim
Jan 2, 2004 10:52 AM
Check out latest Velo News - great article on titanium frames with info. regarding your question.
the VeloNews with Tyler on the cover? (nm)velocity
Jan 2, 2004 12:37 PM
the VeloNews with Tyler on the cover? (nm)stemshim
Jan 2, 2004 3:01 PM
Nope. I'm away from my home just now can't recall..., it has someone...I believe a cyclocross-er on the cover. Just got it 12/31.