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Need help with Flightdeck SC 6500(4 posts)

Need help with Flightdeck SC 6500Lone Gunman
Jan 1, 2004 5:09 PM
I replaced my right STI Ultegra lever this past fall, it had the 2 button, first generation, on the one side for the flightdeck which had worked perfectly until I replaced the STI with an identical STI shifter, not the newer type. Now I don't have the gear indicator working at all, it did work at first after the swap. Troubleshooter in manual suggests "replace the gear number sensor". Does that mean the whole harness? Where would I find a gear number sensor? Better yet, could I replace my harness with the wireless type, I replaced the hoods and have a single button hood here somewhere or do I also need to replace the left STI? Lastly, any leads apperciated on finding a 6500 harness if that is what I need.
re: Need help with Flightdeck SC 6500Akirasho
Jan 1, 2004 5:26 PM
... I'd try cleaning the contacts first...

You mentioned that the indicator worked initially, which might mean some kind of contamination/oxidation problem either at the sensor itself or the contacts on the head interface.

You might consider an aerosol electronics cleaner such as that available from Radio Shack. The only caveat would be careful (sparing) application... while it should be safe for most of the plastics inside the lever... I can't guarentee it... and it might mar the chromed finish. You'd also want to be careful not to flush out any lubes.

I believe that harnesses are available at many LBS and Licktons.

Be the bike.
Try this...TFerguson
Jan 1, 2004 5:27 PM
Pull back the hood to expose the shifter connection. Loosen the two little screws as if to remove the connector. Loosen them almost all the way. Now start tightening each of them about a quarter turn at a time, alternating back and forth. Watch the gear indicator on the head unit. At some point (hopefully) the gear indicator will start working. Stop tightening. If you tighten further, they will quit again.

Hope this works,
Tried both....Lone Gunman
Jan 2, 2004 7:28 PM
And I think I have it corrected. What I discovered was that backing off the screws and adding thumb pressure to the # sensor got some reaction on the head display unit. So I realized that screw tension has something to do with the solution to the problem.

Then I went to Radio Shack because simple pressure on the # sensor was not the complete answer, I tried several times to get the tension right and it was not working. RS had contact cleaner that was way too expensive and the guy suggested cleaning with rubbing alcohol on a Q tip. I cleaned, plugged/screwed in the # sensor shifted and it now corresponds to the correct #'s.

Thanks for the suggestions, for now it works!!