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Ciclosport CM 434, anybody using one?(3 posts)

Ciclosport CM 434, anybody using one?Juanmoretime
Jan 1, 2004 3:46 PM
I'm looking at a new toy and wonder if anyone on this board has one plus your comments would be welcomed.


re: Ciclosport CM 434, anybody using one?ctgak
Jan 1, 2004 5:54 PM
I got one with cadance for Chrismas and it appears to work well. The altimeter does vary as the barometric pressure rises and falls, but when I took a ride it functioned well and returned to the original altitute minus a foot when I got back home. I am happy with it and am looking forward to putting some miles on it. My only complaint would be that is big compared to the sigma that it replaced.
436M here.Mike P
Jan 1, 2004 7:02 PM
I had a 434 for a year or so before getting the 436M. I wanted something to record ride data on my computer. It is nice to be able to pull up a ride profile. I've been using the 436M for 6 months now have had no problems with it.

The 434 I had, the included batteries did not last long at all but who cares; seems like most new items requiring batteries have none anyway.

Temp funtion is very influenced by direct sunlight. Wind chill does not seem to have an effect.

Barometric pressure can make several hundred feet difference in altitude readings. I just compare alt gain and loss, as long as they are close I consider the altitude figures ok.

I do not like the handlebar mounting system. A sticky back strip and thick rubber ring are all that holds the computer to the bars. Mine fell off one day. I did find it and it was working fine after the fall and slide but there should be a more secure mount.