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my new years day story (long)(1 post)

my new years day story (long)maximum15
Jan 1, 2004 3:27 PM
Since we moved to our new home in 2003, a number of our neighbors have told us that a pair of bald eagles frequents the lake behind our house. At the back of our home is a caged swimming pool with papaya trees at each corner. About 20 yards past the pool cage is the lake and off to one side, at the shoreline, is a group of banana trees (plants?). There are usually 20 to 30 mallards on the shore or just offshore in the water behind our house. Another 10 or so of another type of duck that I don't know the name of but is black with a red beak. A few cormorants, one to three great blue herons, and numerous great white herons are also in view most of the time.

So far, my wife and I have not seen the bald eagles but we did get to see a pair of ospreys one day. In fact, we had begun to doubt our neighbors knew the difference between an osprey and a bald eagle.

Anyway, last night we had a New Year's Eve party for close friends here in Florida. We made it to bed about 3:30am and awoke this morning in pretty good shape. This afternoon, I decided an hour of cycling would be good to burn off some of the excess calories consumed last night. When I got back from the ride (on the Bianchi), I checked the papaya trees for some ripe papayas. As I rounded the corner of the pool, I heard a splash in the lake and looked up to see a bald eagle flying away. This was an awesome sight and proof my neighbors do know the difference between eagles and ospreys.

Since I wanted my wife to have the opportunity to see the eagle, I watched it and saw it land in a tree just at the edge of our subdivision. Great, I would go get my wife and the binoculars and she will be able to see the eagle! As I continued to walk around the pool to get inside the house, there was my wife and her first words were "I just saw the bald eagle!" She had been sitting on the couch and just happened to look out the window and saw the eagle land beside our banana trees. She had walked outside to get a closer look at the exact same time I checked the papaya trees. She was also able to see that the eagle had a fish in its claws and she also watched it land in the tree.

We got the binoculars and confirmed the eagle was in the tree that we thought. I hopped back on my bike and rode over for a closer look. The eagle was definitely eating and is definitely a beautiful bird.

Besides my amazement of finally seeing one of these great birds in the lake behind our house, I was doubly amazed that my wife spotted it at the same time.