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How fast do you go?(4 posts)

How fast do you go?glia
Dec 31, 2003 6:41 PM
Some of you may find this question naive, but so be it. I am a recent (8month) convert from running to cycling that is I started out with probably above average aerobic fitness. Just completed one season, started late, bought a bike around May and logged 5000 miles since. I typically do about 170-200.miles/week in hilly terrain, each ride at 35-40miles with about 2000feet altitude change. I have gradually worked my pace up and now maintian about 20.5-21mph but cannot go much faster. I recently trained near the coast where its flat and even with hardly any wind, I cannot get much above a 22mph average. That is using a very nice lightweight compact bike without aero bars and always solo riding, no drafting. I always thought its the hills that hold me back but it seems as if there is a real limit thats not too far off since the wind resistance just gets harder and harder to overcome. Now forgive me for being pretty uneducated. I hammer most of the time rather than doing the smarter more varied training that others do. But under similar conditions, how fast should I be able to go or better yet, how fast can you go in the flats without areo bars and maintain the speed for 2h straight? Am I close or am I way off? I am in my 40s, 6feet, 156lbs and have been running all my life. Thanks for your input.
Depends on how bad I have to go. (nm)firstrax
Dec 31, 2003 7:56 PM
re: How fast do you go?tabl10s
Jan 1, 2004 8:01 AM
I can do about 18. My top speed ever was 56 and crashed at 43 later that day...both downhill.
You're going pretty fastKerry Irons
Jan 1, 2004 1:12 PM
Covering 44 miles in 2 hours on the flats is booking right along. If you really want to gauge your progress, find a local Time Trial. There you'll have a measured course and you will be able to compare yourself to others in an apples to apples fashion. Hilly rides make it impossible to compare speeds as the nature of one route vs. another can change your average significantly. I suspect that you still are on a learning curve regarding how to ride at your limit and how to hold a good position on the bike. While many people will talk about their 25 mph rides, in fact that is a pretty good state-level time trial time for an hour race, and few can sustain that kind of effort on nightly rides. Most 25 mph rides are actually "we hit 25 a couple of times" but it actually took close to an hour to cover 20 miles.