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Miles on a wheelset before replacing? How far have you gone?(6 posts)

Miles on a wheelset before replacing? How far have you gone?Asphalt Addict
Dec 29, 2003 7:57 AM
I'm riding four year old open pros with record hubs that have about 12,000 miles on them according to my log. How many miles can I go on these? They are well taken care of with yearly maintenance and few rain rides. How far have you gone on a wheelset before they are junk? John :o)
A long, long time,TJeanloz
Dec 29, 2003 8:21 AM
It depends on factors like your weight, how often you ride in the rain, etc., but a good quality wheelset can go well upwards of 20,000 miles. I personally have never worn out a wheelset - but I'm light, and rotate among several sets. The hubs should go indefinitely, the rims will eventually crack, and spokes will eventually start to break - but the wheel will give you "the signs" before it gives out.
enough to get to galaxy far far away..cyclopathic
Dec 29, 2003 9:49 AM
it is impossible to answer your question w/o knowing your weight, riding habits, conditions and type of brake pads. If you are 300lbs gorilla who rides in wet/dusty/muddy conditions with abrasive pads and doesn't clean rims/pads rims should have been dead by now.

Clean you rims/pads regularly, inspect rims for cracks around eyelets and discard rim when sidewall is ~50% of original thickness.
re: Miles on a wheelset before replacing? How far have you gone?hothand
Dec 29, 2003 12:35 PM
I totally agree with the other posters. I would add that you should keep an eye on the braking track of the rim. I had a MA-40 that failed after 15K miles. A six inch crack developed where the brake pads had worn the rim.

Most likely, you're not even close to the limitKerry Irons
Dec 29, 2003 5:57 PM
Although OPs have had problems with cracks and noise, if your wheels were properly built, if you're not overly heavy, and if you ride light (avoiding rough spots, rising out of the saddle over bumps, etc.) you can expect many more miles out of these wheels. My wife weighs 125 lb. and has probably triple your mileage on her 6 seasons on MAVIC Reflex clinchers (the OP replaced the Reflex clincher about that time and is heavier than the Reflex was).
Until I hit a curb, major pothole or carbimini
Dec 30, 2003 11:41 AM
I've never worn a set out. Always something comes along and puts a crease, flat spot or ding in the rim before they wear out. Record Hubs should last forever asssuming they are lubed and you can keep the dirt, sand, grit and water out.

As long as the bearings are running smooth and the wheel is true I would keep running them. It would be wise to check the rims periodically for hairline cracks, if you see cracks it's time for a new set. You can also get cracking around the spoke holes (usally due to too much spoke tension). Again, if you see cracks, replace.