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Wheel lacing Q: low count spokes related..(7 posts)

Wheel lacing Q: low count spokes related..Qubeley
Dec 28, 2003 2:36 PM
I am planning on lacing a hub w/32h to a rim w/16h.
Is there any problem with this? Will this put too much stress on the hub, since it's not drilled for 16h? Will the wheel be as stiff and durable as a regular wheel? Assume all done properly.
Is there any precaution I should take?
If it matters: hub will be high-flange, rim is tall profile.
if anything it will void warrantycyclopathic
Dec 28, 2003 3:20 PM
don't sweat you should be ok. I'd worry if you were 250lbs or so, but it doesn't sound from your post.

No, wheel won't be as stiff as regular and will be harder to true, but if done properly you'd be o'k. Just don't put too much tension it doesn't make wheel any stronger, and stay with brass nipples. Since you're trying to build "aero" wheel I'd suggest Sapim CX-rays, they're stronger and fit regular hubs w/o slotting good luck
Internet God Sheldon BrownBill B
Dec 28, 2003 4:13 PM
used to use 36 hole hubs and rims with 18 spokes all the time, even on his commuter and he is a big man. He said that they were actually lighter because of the extra hole between the spokes. Sheldon is a very odd man.
follow-up Q: Sapim CX-ray spokesQubeley
Dec 28, 2003 6:55 PM
I just did a little bit of research on these spokes.
Based on info I gathered, they really seem amazing: light, strong and aero? Just wondering if you have personal experience with them.
And, is thorUSA the only place to get them?
Check here...Chicago_Steve
Dec 29, 2003 6:18 AM
They have a cult-like following over on the wheelbuilding forum on MTBr. Try a search and you should find more then enough info on these spokes. ThorUSA is the distributor (and also sells direct). I have also seen a couple of online retailers selling them but they are not any cheaper then ThorUSA...

These spokes are the choice of USPS Team and even used by downhillers to build strong offroad wheels.
You'll need a tricky spoke patternKerry Irons
Dec 29, 2003 5:09 PM
You can't just leave out every other spoke. If you do, you'll have spokes on only one side! To make this work, you need to go left/right and then skip two, or some other pattern. Other patterns will need a mix of spoke lengths. For example, using every other hole on one side, and then use two/skip two on the other side. Unless you're spoking radially, you need to do this to prevent putting a lot of torque on the hub shell.
You'll need a tricky spoke patternQubeley
Dec 29, 2003 6:43 PM
Hey, Kerry: I have very little knowledge of wheel building. And I don't really understand why would "all spoke on one side".
Can you tell me if I can do radial non-drive and 1X drive?
FYI: This would be a track rear wheel. Hub-DA 7600 hiF, rim-Camp vento, spokes-CX-rays.
A few years ago, Campagnolo produced "Shamal Pista" model, with 16h rear. I believe they used radial & 1X. The difference between that model and mine will be be that I use high flange hub. Will high flange put more stress on the spokes and low flange?
Please feel free to teach me the rudimentries of wheelbuilding necessary. Q: what kind of pattern generally increase stress put on the hub?
Your advice is appreciated as always.