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Another Colnago fit question(9 posts)

Another Colnago fit questionRichC
Dec 28, 2003 3:20 AM
I am looking to acquire a second frame to build up a new bike and am drawn towards a Colnago Mix. I am currently torn between a 50 or 52 sloping or a 55 regular size, any advice (especially from C40) would be gratefully received.

My current bike is a Principia RS6 (sloping design). This has the following sizing:

Seat Tube 520 mm centre to top of seat clamp.
Top Tube 549 mm (equivalent horizontal)
Head Tube 137 mm (not integrated)
Seat/head angles are 74 and 73 respectively.

Measuring from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle is 710 mm. I am using a 110 mm Deda Newton 31-86 stem with approx 15mm of spacers.

The current bike fits very comfortably and I would like to try and replicate this position if possible. Hope this is enough info.

small differences...C-40
Dec 28, 2003 7:35 AM
Since your saddle height is only 71cm (like mine), I would not get a conventional frame as large as a 55cm. The saddle will look pretty low (it looks a bit low on my 54cm).

The 150mm head tube on the 52 sloping is almost identical to the combined 152mm head tube and spacers on your Principia, so you should be able to use a headset with the same stack height and either no spacers or a 2.5mm. The effective TT length is 5mm less than your Principia, so you're in-between stem sizes. A Syntace F99, 105mm, 84 degree might do the trick.

The other option would be to get the 50cm frame and use a l20mm, 84 or 82 degree stem, flipped to 96 or 98 degrees to get the bars up to height. I wouldn't use 2cm of spacer myself. A taller headset (38mm) like the new Colnago or Cane Creek Solos with no spacers and a 120mm, 90 degree stem would also work.
small differences...RichC
Dec 28, 2003 2:33 PM
Thanks for the response, do you have any pics of your 54 anywhere?

My initial thoughts were to go with the 52 sloping but I was concerned that the head tube length may look a little weird. From a quick glance the Mix bike pictured on the Colnago web site is a 50 sloping, anybody with a new 52 sloping Colnago care to post any pics??
small differences...C-40
Dec 28, 2003 5:34 PM
For reference, with the saddle level, the top of the saddle near the nose will be 17cm above the top tube on a 54cm Colnago, with a 71cm saddle height. On a 55cm it would ony be 16cm, which is pretty low.

I made an error in my inital response. Since the 52 sloping Colnago has a 5mm shorter TT, you might need a longer 115mm stem, not a 105.

The head tube length should not look wierd if you like your bars at that height. It would definitely be too tall for me, since I have my bars about 2cm lower. What looks wierd to me is a big stack of spacers. Just be sure you don't want the bars much lower. With the longer head tube you can only go down 1cm or maybe less, by changing stem angle. The shorter head tube will permit a lower bar height if you think you might want it.
since we are at it, i'll ask..colker1
Dec 28, 2003 5:13 PM
been offered a dream plus on a reasonable price and a reasonable color scheme (mapei, prefer rabobank but well...). size is 54 (c-t). here is the doubt: my saddle height "right now" is 72.5. say right now cause it's been there for a year now after moving up a cm. currently on a 54 c-c, 54.5 top tube, 130 stem dropped 3inn below the 54 colnago my size?
on the small side...C-40
Dec 28, 2003 5:42 PM
The Colnago has a 74 degree STA and a 54cm TT. A 54cm Colnago measures only 52cm, c-c.

You need to include the seat tube angle to compare the TT length of the two frames. You also don't mention the head tube length (with headset), stem angle and spacers used on your current bike. All these dimensions are necessary for a complete comparision.

I may soon have a 2002 model 54cm Rabobbank C-40 for sale at a reasonable price, FYI.
Dec 28, 2003 5:49 PM
seat tube is 73.5. head tube is 73.15 and it would be 13cm without a headset. there's a threaded headset/stem installed. stem angle is 17 neg.(standard set up, classic look). saddle to bar height varies according to fitness. when i ride a lot, bar goes down. when i'm out of shape, it goes up (and i change to 120 stem).
more numbers...C-40
Dec 28, 2003 6:56 PM
The TT lengths of the two frames are within 1mm of each other, after correcting for the difference in STA.

For reference, a pre-2004 54cm Colnago (with 125mm head tube) will have a handlebar height of 87cm from the floor with a Campy headset, no spacers and an 84 degree Ritchey WCS stem. With a 90 degree stem the bars would rise about 1cm. With a 96 degree (flipped 84) the height would rise another 1cm to 89cm. If your bars are higher, then spacers would be required.
thanks.. many thanks C! nmcolker1
Dec 29, 2003 4:06 AM