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Christmas with Giovanni Pinarello(3 posts)

Christmas with Giovanni PinarelloDanoK
Dec 27, 2003 9:21 PM
My wife and I went to northeastern Italy to visit friends and family for Christmas (I used to be stationed at Aviano Airbase and my wife's sister is married to an Italian man from there). Anyway, we drove down to Treviso on Christmas Eve so that we could do some Christmas shopping in that wonderful little city. Of course we had to hit Pinarello's shop so that I could buy a nice souvenir gift for myself. Giovanni Pinarello was in the shop. It was good to see him after all these years for two reasons:
1) I'm glad he is still alive and healthy...he must be well over 90 by now and he looks good.
2) I took great pleasure in telling him how much I like the Pinarello Gavia that I bought from him back in 1994 when I was stationed there. Told him that after 9 years, I still ride that bike as much as I can, am very happy with it, and will never part with it. Ever the salesman, he smiled and told me that its a shame they don't make those steel Gavia's anymore......everyone wants aluminum these days. He thinks the Gavia was a perfect bike (after living there for almost 5 years I speak passable Italian.) Of course, he would probably say something nice about whatever model I bought, but I really got a kick out of being able to go back to his shop 9 years later and tell him how much I like his bike. That was enough of a cycling Christmas present for me.....though I still bought a nice Pinarello logo Windtex jacket for myself. He even had the salesman give a 15-Euro discount at the register.
Dec 28, 2003 5:00 PM
maybe we are kids at heart and it's all silly but there is something about meeting your bike's builder. it's like meeting a minor God or something.. (weel, it's the maker, creator isn't he?)
riding a rello steel myself and being proud of it, i salute your luck!
re: Christmas with Giovanni PinarelloAkirasho
Dec 29, 2003 6:37 AM
... nice to have... connections!

Be the bike.