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Cold Weather Clothes for a Winter Wuss?(3 posts)

Cold Weather Clothes for a Winter Wuss?Mr Nick
Dec 27, 2003 12:46 PM
Tried to go for an afternoon ride today and was too cold. The temperature according to the news is a sunny 45 degrees. I wore shorts, knee warmers, a short sleeve jersey, arm warmers, regular gloves and ear warmers. I was freezing. So how much more clothing do you guys wear? I don't want to buy more than I need, but it is tough to say what I need without trying it. Also I know many of you are much more used to the cold weather, so remember that 49 in AZ after 115 degree summers for me is like riding a bike in a meat locker. Thanks for the advice.
Windproof most importantTWD
Dec 27, 2003 1:47 PM
Getting yourself some windproof stuff is the most important thing.

A good windproof vest or jacket is probalby the first place to start. You can pick up a vest for cheap ($35 to $50). You'll be amazed how much warmer you'll feel if your torso is warm.

The other big place to look is your head. You loose huge amounts of heat from your head, especially with sweaty hair. A couple of cheap options here will gain you a lot of warmth. Try wearing a skull cap or cycling cap under your helmet. If that isn't enough, and you happen to have an old spare helmet, put some duct tape over the inside of the vents to keep the wind out.

I find that if I keep my head and torso warm, everything else is just minor comfort issues down into the 30's provided it is dry out.

Speaking of comfort, fingers and toes are the other places where you'll get the coldest. As it gets cold, your body will reduce circulation to your extremities in order to keep up your body's core temperature so that your vital organs can function. Get some windproof gloves and shoe covers. They will help you stay a little more comfortable. You can find gloves and shoe covers in the $30 to $35 range each.

I don't worry as much about legs and arms. If you already have knee and arm warmers you're probably fine in that category for now.

Heavier insulating layers are fine and good if temps get cold (i.e. a lot colder than 45 degrees), but are pretty much worthless if you don't have something to block the wind out. You'll find this to be even more true if you're doing rides with long climbs and descentes. If I'm going to shorter climbs that are 10 to 15 minutes long I'll unzip my vest or jacket and roll up my sleeves.

On the longer climbs, I'll have to shed layers. Just make sure to put them on before you crest the climb so you don't get cold. There is nothing worse than a 50mph descent when it's cold and you are soaked to the bone from sweat.

I would recommend checkng out Voler stuff. I don't have any of their windproof stuff (vest,jacket, gloves, shoe covers), but I've been impressed with the quality of their other stuff so far.

Their website is

Last but not least is mind over matter. If you walk outside with your tail between your legs expecting to be cold...guess what, you're going to feel cold. If you walk outside with the mindset that you are tougher than mother nature, you'll be just fine.

Oh, I forgot one important thing. You should feel cold for the first 10 or so minutes until you get through your warmup and into your ride. If you feel warm to start out, you'll be all sweaty later and will in the end, be colder.

Now get out there.
A few tips...Lone Gunman
Dec 27, 2003 4:11 PM
Try some wool stuff if it does not bother you, itch wise. I got some wool tights from that are just awesome. Also, wool arm or leg warmers from them, cheap. Thermal team issue gloves, cheap. Head heat loss is another place to protect. Put clear plastic tape over the front vents of your helmet to keep cold air out and still vent out the back.