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Recumbent exercise bike?(2 posts)

Recumbent exercise bike?dcboomer
Dec 26, 2003 6:20 PM
Ok, I'm not one of those, umm, "motivated" enough to ride in the cold. In order to stay (or get) in some kind of shape, I've started riding the recumbent exercise bike in my office gym. The absolute weakest part of my "normal" riding is hills. Given the different angle(s) at which the 'bent works your muscles, is there anything different I can/should do to try to improve my "climbing muscles" before spring? Thanks.
riding a real Recumbent definetely helps my climbingcyclist of all trades
Dec 26, 2003 7:10 PM
Ever since I have started riding a low-racer as my primary pavement machine, I have noticed SIGNIFICANT improvement when climbing on an upright. However, the only improvement is while in the saddle. Climbing while standing doesn't seem to be affected. Due to the inability to change postions on the bent, you must simply spin like hell without rest if you hope to maintain contact w/ the upright folks. This gives you great ability to stay in the saddle on the wedgie(roadbike) and grind away.