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Cannondale R3000 vs Trek 5500 2004, need advice(6 posts)

Cannondale R3000 vs Trek 5500 2004, need adviceingLatour
Dec 26, 2003 11:49 AM
This is the following of a previous posting.
I hesitate between a Cannondale R3000 (3950 CAN$ or 3020 US$) and a Trek 5500 (4100 Can$ or 3135 US$) 2004. I can't try them and the Cannondale geometry seem to suit me a little better.

Bike stores gives different opinion concerning both bikes and If I want to have it by the beginning of february I have to order soon.à

I still don't know what to do, does anyone has an advice?

Thank you
re: Cannondale R3000 vs Trek 5500 2004, need adviceRD Warrior
Dec 26, 2003 12:02 PM
Hey Guy,I can't speak for the Trek,but I love Cannondales.I ride a F-500 mountain bike and a R-900 road.Both are great bikes.I would go for best fit,and the one that turns you on.
you really need to ride & compare!marcoxxx
Dec 26, 2003 12:10 PM
is anyone's best advise here. someone or the lbs should have a demo available for that type of $$ investment. with that said, i ride a 2003 R1000(ultegra/105 mix, kyseriums, carbon bar & seat post) and can state that it has a very nice smooth ride with a firm frame. can't complain except they missed several places to put their logo or name.
re: Cannondale R3000 vs Trek 5500 2004, need adviceBob1010
Dec 26, 2003 5:11 PM
If you are interested I will have a 5500 Project 1 Cloud Nine..full Dura Ace Fizik Alliante' Chris King headset 2003 Zipp 303's with Tufo 215's..The bike gets waxed twice a week and drive train cleaned weekly..60cm...Serotta had me in a 58cm but in the Trek the 60 feels better The bike is in as new condition...The bike is a 2003 model received it in June...I will be asking $2900 plus shipping..
Test ride them bothspoke
Dec 26, 2003 5:21 PM
I was looking hard at the Cannondale R1000 and that was going to be my original choice. But, I was talked into trying out the Trek 5200. I will be going with the 5200. After trying out a aluminum frame bike, I found the carbon OCLV 120 much more comfortable. Much will depend on how lively you want your bike. In my opinion the carbon frame is going to be much for comfortable for longer rides. Look for a couple of LBS that have each type of frame in a couple of different sizes so that you can test them out and feel the difference. Have them measure you while you are on the bike so that they can adjust the seat and stem if needed. Ride each of them a couple of times so that you can make adjustments. I know for me that after trying out the bikes and a couple of different sizes it hit me on which one was right for me. Have fun riding and good luck!
Same quandary, I choose the Cannondale r3000nonutin
Dec 26, 2003 9:25 PM
Quick analysis

1. Smoother and more comfortable ride.
2. twitchier
3. Longer lasting

1. Faster accelerating. and better climbing?
2. Confidence building front end
3. Not as good a ride as the Trek but good. I think the ride is more comparable to a titanium bike than an aluminium bike. ( at least the titanium bike I compared it to back to back to back.)

I take one standard size larger in a Trek than I would in a Cannondale.

Good luck! I am a new road bike rider but I have ridden mountain bike.