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Lycra patch?(4 posts)

Lycra patch?mass_biker
Dec 26, 2003 4:39 AM
Wet roads and leaves put me down for the count a few months ago, leaving me scratched up slightly (the bike is fine), but my bib tights "holey" at the knee and hip.

Anyone have any experience in patching up holes in lycra? Is there any iron-on/glue-on substance to help me regain my modesty and cover up these unsightly gaps?

Thanks in advance,

Go to a fabric storeDrafting
Dec 26, 2003 4:45 AM
Take your bibs and ask for a solution. They can set you up with a suitable patch and glue.
re: Lycra patch?rollo tommassi
Dec 26, 2003 9:33 AM
don't use iron ons or glue it won't feel good next to skin.

you'll want to match the weight of the lycra - is is 6oz or 8oz? and get a four-way stretch lycra. Have them use a stretch flatlock stitch...any place that does alterations should be able to do this no problem

be careful with the knee patch so that you don't have a seam where it might chafe...
re: Lycra patch?palewin
Dec 28, 2003 5:54 PM
For what its worth, I just patched two pairs of winter tights where I had worn holes in the seat, and used regular fabric I had in the house. The patch is such a small area relative to the stretch in the tights material that it made no difference that the patch itself wasn't stretch material. I used my daughter's sewing machine - given my typical male lack of experience, not a pretty job, but functional. And I've trained in both pairs and don't feel the patches at all.