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So, What did you get for Christmas?(43 posts)

So, What did you get for Christmas?Sadlebred
Dec 25, 2003 8:07 PM
So, what did everyone get for Christmas?

I got a new bike hauler (2004 Honda CRV) last week along with 5 years of car payments. BTW, I wound up getting a Yakima roof rack although I haven't used it yet.

The only bike related thing I got for Xmas was Lance's new book from a friend of mine. I am looking forward to reading it despite the mixed reviews I've seen.

I also got:
navy blue chenile blanket
horse decor (I am a long time horse shower...)
gardening tools from mom (ever the practical person)
a gift certificate to Lowes from my brother for that granite top rolling island I've been looking at.

Ah, the joys of being a new home owner....
re: So, What did you get for Christmas?snapdragen
Dec 25, 2003 8:14 PM
Chocolate (mmmmmm!)
$$ (always good..)
Polar bear decor
A full day of rest!!
re: So, What did you get for Christmas?komatiite
Dec 25, 2003 8:21 PM
Sportcrafter rollers (3.25" Al drums)
CO2 pump
Coffee maker
Coffe bean grinder
Craftsman cordless drill (13.3v)
a sweet Mountain HArdwear jacket
Under Armour shirts
some small stuff...(way too much stuff overall)
Hard Road DVDArnold Zefal
Dec 25, 2003 8:47 PM
from the wife. Total surprise, and a really great gift!
Lotsa good stuff...MVN
Dec 25, 2003 9:20 PM
lets see, I got:
2 fleece pullovers
Shirt and tie (for work)
Dragon wall calendar
The Da Vinci Code book
KISS Symphony DVD
Alien Quadrilogy
2 Tacx Tao cages (for my old bike)
Pair Santini Twist-Gel bibs (not here yet, coming Monday)
New watch
New handlebars for my old bike ('cuz I like the ones on my 5200 so much, had to get the same for the old one)
oh, and I won a jersey on eBay for less than $10

Not a bad haul!

(The best part is I just found out I get a BIG raise and promotion January 1!!)

Hope everybody had a great Christmas and has a Happy New Year!
re: So, What did you get for Christmas?toomanybikes
Dec 25, 2003 10:15 PM
A gift pack of Chimay Trappist Ale.
The new Santana
A bottle of Rye from each of my puppies ( 3 l from my big male, 2 l from his sister and 1.5 litre from gramma the 15 yr old spaniel)
Couple of books
Sushi making kit.

Time to go for a ride in the rain and snow!

Good day.
cycling related list:jtferraro
Dec 25, 2003 11:15 PM
1.) 12-hour 2003 TdF DVD
2.) VeloPress' 2003 TdF paperback book (lots of colorful pics!)
3.) Phil Ligget's Morning Brew Premium Coffee (bag of beans)
4.) World Cycling Productions 2004 calendar
5.) Lance's new book, "Every Second Counts"
6.) Barron's "French at a Glance" phrase book and dictionary for travelers
7.) $50 Gift Certificate to my LBS
8.) $$
9.) 1/2 ownsership & use of a Canon Powershot S400 digital camera (my girlfriend & I each bought one another digicams, so we're returning one and sharing the other!)

Dec 25, 2003 11:32 PM
Lots of good stuff - I got team Bianchi Jersey and fleece lined full sleeved Castelli Jersey. I also got a couple cycling related books..

Most importantly, I got this awesome poster and the excellent framework.
it says: go ride!colker1
Dec 26, 2003 4:00 AM
wow. grrreeeaaaatt picture.
re: So, What did you get for Christmas?aliensporebomb
Dec 26, 2003 3:57 AM
Polar S150 HRM
Chromed two-tone bicycle bell for the commuter (so I can replace the
BLACK HORN from when I turned 40...)
$50 gift certificate for Performance Bike
re: So, What did you get for Christmas?Juanmoretime
Dec 26, 2003 6:03 AM
An great time with my family.
A new robe to replace my 28 year old one.
A three book collection from the Onion.
A wine rack
2 Campy 10 speed chains to get me thru the next season
Carbon Fiber..OwenMeany
Dec 26, 2003 6:10 AM
Colnago match the I purchased the Colnago CT1 I purchased for myself few months back...

and a large and colorful assortment of De Feet socks.
Tape! Socks!chbarr
Dec 26, 2003 6:26 AM
Some CDs, Some cooking supplies (cool beaker!), DVDs, gift certificates... stuff. I got a new bike in October (2002 Lemond Maillot Jaune), which was part of my present (which I said at the time). I did get, however, new tape for it. The default tape was black and starting to come off. The new tape, Cinelli cork, is a red/yellow splash, and will look sweet. Now I just need to wrap it.

I got two pairs of DeFeet socks from Mountain Bike Heaven in Sedona, Arizona (with their mascot, "Shop Cat," on it). I've been talking about getting some socks since they started advertising them--we rented bikes there on vacation one year (great shop, BTW!).

Finally, a windstoper headband/ear cover. It gets cold here in Ohio!
re: So, What did you get for Christmas?Dave Hickey
Dec 26, 2003 6:39 AM
1. New LOOK KG381 Jalabert( X-mas/B-day present to myself)
2. Gift cert to LBS
3. A very cool Cycling desk lamp
4. 2 insulated water bottles
Wings to fly...MerckxMad
Dec 26, 2003 6:45 AM
And it's not a Merckx...
Very nice. Hows it ride? nmDave Hickey
Dec 26, 2003 7:01 AM
Very nice. Hows it ride? nmMerckxMad
Dec 27, 2003 9:02 PM
This was a present from my wife. She ordered it from my LBS without my knowledge or input. It is a sweet ride, but after today, I know the Shimano has got to go. I don't want to start a flame war, but I'm a devout Campy user. The hoods on the Dura Ace are just enormous and it adds a couple of centimeters of reach. My fat gut and poor core strength requires short, narrow bars and small hoods.

Anyway, putting aside the group, the bike is a fantastic speed machine. In a weird sort of way it's like my Merckx Team SC, only a lot more comfortable. It's all about speed and transferring energy directly into forward motion. I've owned a Kestrel SCi for a couple of years, and the Giant just blows this away. Corners superbly and eats up rough pavement. It's a bit twitchy on fast decents, but unlike the Kestrel, the real wheel tracks well. The Ksyrium SLs are fantastic.

I thought the compact geometry idea was a bit sketchy, but not now. I'm a convert. It makes for a stiff frame. Mike Burrows nailed the geometry. Now, if I can just get my LBS to swap out the DA for Campy Record, or even the new Chorus...
so tell us all about it...?rwbadley
Dec 26, 2003 8:55 AM
I have been considering getting one of those frames to give a try. How is it?
Exceptional quality frameMerckxMad
Dec 27, 2003 9:11 PM
I won't repeat my gruppo gripes from above. The frame is fantastic. I have several bikes, each using a different frame material from titanium to aluminum to carbon fiber. I think it's a much better ride than the Trek 5900 (ridden) and the Kestrel 200 SCi (own). It smoothes out the road, but still gives that tense, snappy road feel. I'm a heavy guy and was concerned about the featherweight frame, but it's plenty stiff--no chain rub from stomping on the pedals out of the saddle going up a wickedly steep hill today. It's your best friend going uphill, but hold on and pay attention going downhill--you need to control this bike or it will control you on the descent. Bottom line--you will not be dissapointed with the quality build and smooth ride.
re: So, What did you get for Christmas?PMC
Dec 26, 2003 6:54 AM
I got a new Atari game system with Breakout, Astroids, Pong, etc. My son just can't believe we actually played Pong back in the day...

I also received a pair of Speedplay Zero pedals from my In-Laws which was cool.
better wear cycling gloves...divve
Dec 26, 2003 7:59 AM
.....with certain games that joystick will do a number on your fingers and even burn a hole in your palm:)
re: So, What did you get for Christmas?tmotz
Dec 26, 2003 7:06 AM
About 3 hours of sleep,putting together a pool table and desk for for kids.Well worth it when they saw them.
A pair of winter gloves
A bike computer w/cadence
A heart rate monitor

Just waiting to go riding.
re: So, What did you get for Christmas?bestT
Dec 26, 2003 7:23 AM
30 GB ipod,
Panther OS,
Voler knee warmers and undershirt,
gift certificates
re: So, What did you get for Christmas?import silvia
Dec 26, 2003 7:45 AM
9sp Dura Ace shifters.
Big set of pots and pans.
10" drill press.
The Complete History of the USMC.

and other misc. stuff.
This...what is it?SpecialTater
Dec 26, 2003 7:50 AM
Actually got it a couple of weeks ago and put it through one of J's cross races in Memphis. It made it much better than I did. Don't know the make/model, but it sure rides nice. Thanks E!

Also picked up some Sidi's, tights, wind jacket, socks and more to come.

Good stuff.
Not much.KG 361
Dec 26, 2003 8:33 AM
Just some face-care products and some $$ from my parents. Plan to put it towards perhaps a set of Kreitler rollers. Mostly my wife and I just get each other 1 or 2 small things. We spend most of our $$ on the kids-that's where the real fun is. Really, if each of us want/need anything throughout the year, we get it anyway, so getting a whole bunch of Christmas stuff for each other is a bit redundant....
The best gift I could imagine.hrv
Dec 26, 2003 9:03 AM
A day with my lovely wife, snowboarding in fresh, cold powder, with intermittent snow/ blue sky and sunshine. There were some moments when it snowed during the blue sky and sunshine, and the sun just sparkled/glistened off of the flakes. I told my wife she could tell her friends I gave her diamonds for xmas, because that's what it looked like. Wouldn't trade these moments for anything.

Nice - wherabouts? I'm looking forward to going soon. (nm)jtferraro
Dec 26, 2003 10:45 AM
Sounds like Lance scored this ChristmasPaulCL
Dec 26, 2003 9:28 AM
OK...get your minds out of the gutter. I'm sure he spent some quality time with Sheryl Crowe.

What I meant was about a half dozen other posters, I got a copy of his book. How many thousands of copies did he sell to the families of cyclists who just didn't want to buy another inner tube?? I asked for Bobke II which I still might get from the inlaws.

Other than that, I got:
cliff bars
workout clothes
rain coat
bunch of little stuff

The best present was the joy on the faces of my three children. Keep all of my gifts, just let me see and feel their excitement over Christmas every year. My saddest day will be when my youngest no longer believes in Santa.

but Christmas isn't over yet. The inlaws are expected momentarily. Hence, the reason I'm hiding in the basement on the computer.
re: Bobke IIJS Haiku Shop
Dec 26, 2003 9:34 AM
buy beg borrow or steal to get it. i've only read a few pages yet, but those were priceless. laugh-out-loud-and-have-your-family-wonder-if-you've-finally-cracked funny.
Just wait, it gets betterDave Hickey
Dec 26, 2003 9:54 AM
I was on an airplane reading it and almost p!ssed my pants laughing so hard.
I have the 'original' Bobke...davet
Dec 26, 2003 10:45 AM's got pics all throughout the book. Bob Roll really looked like a wild-eyed, crazy-haired hippie. The pics add tremendously to the tone and temper of the book, and add an understanding to what Roll is saying.

Would anyone have an interest in buying this book?
how much?PaulCL
Dec 26, 2003 2:36 PM
how much? Contact me offline....davet
Dec 26, 2003 3:45 PM
'The Rider' by Tim Krabbej-son
Dec 26, 2003 6:17 PM
i've got an autographed copy of Bobke I ... i think I'll hold on to it (not that Bobke's scrawled signature will ever be worth a mint!). Something about defecating behind a bush in front of a french family always cracks me up.

My wife's little sister got me a copy of a book written by Dutch writer Tim Krabbe called 'The Rider." It's a fast 148 page read about the author's experience in a 150km race. Very good, and excrutiatingly familiar for those of us who have ever had delusions of bike racing grandeur. A must read!
In law gift giving updatePaulCL
Dec 26, 2003 2:37 PM
Bummer. Two CDs, a GC to Lowes, and a purple tie?? A gawd-awful purple tie. No Col. Cyclist GC this year bummer. No Bobke.
Bought 2004 Record parts W/ Carbon Crank Option (NM)davidxy
Dec 26, 2003 10:23 AM
Ultimate Pro repair standspookyload
Dec 26, 2003 11:31 AM
I also got some other stuff, but it slips my mind when I think of this gift. Though not a huge gift, it is the first biking item my wife has bought me in nine years of our marrige. She is the jealous bike widow type, and usually only bad mouths my riding and biking in general. So, maybe this is a step in the right direction.
Not bad so far...biknben
Dec 26, 2003 12:56 PM
Well I got the winter shoes I wanted. I needed a bit more for winter commuting.

My mother-in-law surprised me with these PI gloves. They even fit good too. I have a much older version of these that have taken a beating. They will be replaced now.

I'll be collecting "envelopes" over the weekend. Cash is good. I'm gonna have to order those studded tires after all.
Let us know how those winter shoes workFez
Dec 27, 2003 9:59 AM
The winter shoes are nice, but they don't make it in mega so I never bothered to order them. Do they fit wider since they are a winter shoe? Are they the same size as your regular Sidi shoe?

I also have the new and old versions of those gloves. Both are really warm, but the new ones are so much easier to get on and off in the middle of a ride, if you have to use your fingers.
2 rides so far...biknben
Dec 27, 2003 5:38 PM
I did a road ride with them on Christmas day. It was in the mid 30s. I wore just a pair of medium weight socks. My feet got a little cold.

Christmas night I sprayed them with a water proofer. Today, I did a really sloppy MTB ride with them. The temps were slightly warmer so I was wearing them more for the slop factor than the cold factor. My feet stayed dry and toasty.

After two rides I'd say the insulation is equal to wearing regular shoes with booties. On my coldest rides, I will probably still have issues with cold feet. They did seal out the elements in today's ride. I would have been in trouble if my feet got wet.

This is my fourth pair of Sidi shoes. They are all 44s. The winter shoe fits slightly larger. Maybe equal to a half size larger.

Can you tell which ones are my road shoes? :-)
canon powershot ds100 AKA elph wooohooo....rrjc5488
Dec 26, 2003 7:00 PM
Once the weather gets warmer, many ride reports will be given.
handheld GPSukiahb
Dec 27, 2003 8:02 AM
A handheld GPS from my GF, will be intersting to try it on the bike...and for many other outdoorsy pusuits. We spent XMAS day checking out Geocaching (wasn't aware of it till reading up on GPS on the web) with my new toy, had a great time, got some exercise, and found several caches in interesting places within walking distance....might be something to try while biking too...a good web site is at