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So, What did you get for Christmas?(2 posts)

So, What did you get for Christmas?Sadlebred
Dec 25, 2003 8:02 PM
So, what did everyone get for Christmas?

I got a new bike hauler (2004 Honda CRV) last week along with 5 years of car payments. BTW, I wound up getting a Yakima roof rack although I haven't used it yet.

The only bike related thing I got for Xmas was Lance's new book from a friend of mine. I am looking forward to reading it despite the mixed reviews I've seen.

I also got:
navy blue chenile blanket
horse decor (I am a long time horse shower...)
gardening tools from mom (ever the practical person)
a gift certificate to Lowes from my brother for that granite top rolling island I've been looking at.

Ah, the joys of being a new home owner....
Frustrated, then embarassed!MrCelloBoy
Dec 26, 2003 12:30 PM
Bought a new set of Titan wheels at Performance. Got home, began assembling them to try out.
First problem was that the Performance salesman(?) derailed my getting the long stem tubes "because the standard ones are longer now". Guess what?... They aren't (after I'm home).
Next, my first two tubes go flat as I'm pumpng them with a valve adapter. Guess again... No one sold me rim tape and I'd forgotten as it's been a number of years since I set up a new pair of wheels.