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?'s for Austinites(5 posts)

?'s for Austinitesj-son
Dec 23, 2003 8:24 PM
For you Austinites: a few questions.

My wife and I may be relocating to Austin, Tx following her graduation in May (she's completing her final year of veterinary school at KSU).

We're curious about the city. I've driven through but never truly visited town.

Any thoughts on the City would be appreciated (ie price of housing, cultural activities, job market, commute time, traffic, climate etc). Of course road bike, mtn bike and tri- related comments especially sought.

Of course we are doing 'real' research about the city ... but it's always interesting to hear from actual residents.

Thanks and happy holidays!
Heaven on earthFtHoodMtBkr
Dec 23, 2003 10:20 PM
Well I was stationed at Ft Hood 4 3 years and a weekend ritual was to take the family to Austin. I call it my town and can't wait to return.

Barton Greenbelt, City Park, Muleshoe, and walnut Creek are great for dirt. Plenty of Texas county HWYs for road cycling.

The mountain Biking vents in texas really do outdo most others.

Climate is nice, shopping is abundant, lakes abound, higher educational opportunities are plentiful,.

What's not to like? Nothin' I can think of.

temporarily displaced wannabe Texan in Mililani, HI and 2004--Kirkuk, Iraq
re: ?'s for Austinitesmorkm
Dec 24, 2003 1:46 AM
I live in Austin. Relocated from DC/NOVA/Charlottesville after graduating college in 96.

Austin is a really nice town, great weather, nice roads for cycling. Housing...if you want to live in the city, close to UT and Downtown (ie. within about 5 miles of those), you're looking at $300K+ for a small house. About 10 miles or so out of Downtown/UT area, maybe more like $150k-200k for an okay sized house. Living in one of the smaller towns around Austin (Kyle-20 or 25 miles South of Austin on I-35....Buda 15-20 miles South...Georgetown 10 or so miles North) and housing is MUCH cheaper, but commute is longer.

Traffic is cake compaired to DC/NOVA, but can be slow going during rush hours...non rush hours and all the out of towners (ie. live in Kyle or G'town) say they live 20 minutes away, not 20 miles....Texans drive fast.

Personally I prefer living in Austin and am looking to buy a home here in the next 6 months or so near Downtown/UT area.

I highly recommend Austin as a place to live, whether for cycling or not. Good luck.

re: ?'s for AustinitesEl Guapo
Dec 24, 2003 8:28 AM
Road biking: GREAT roads. WIDE shoulders. Check out Hwy.360, Parmer Lane, 2244 (Bee Caves), Hwy.620 just to name a few. Lots of hills (short, but steep). Wonderful country roads with little to no traffic. TONS of organized weekly group rides (Austin Tricyclist, Austin Flyers, Sweetish Hill Bakery, Nelo's ProCycles, etc.)
Mountain Biking: where to begin ... Rocky Hill Ranch (Bastrop), Muleshoe, Emma Long (City Park), Walnut Creek, Barton Creek Greenbelt, BLORA (Belton). Good mix of terrains and soil types. LOTS of great rides within an hour or two drive from Austin.
As for the city life ... can't be beat. TONS of GREAT restaurants, excellent music and social scenes. Downtown has gone through a rebirth of sorts. We now have 10 or more upscale townhome high-rises (10+ floors). Downtown living is becoming the chic thing here. Home prices vary widely throughout the city. Homes that are more central either require substantial renovations and cost in the high 100's or are already renovated and could cost as much as the high 300's. Most new developments are built just north of Austin in either Pflugerville or Round Rock. Prices are a little lower there and the taxes (both property and local sales) are considerably less. Both Pflugerville and Round Rock are hardly discernable from Austin (they seem to blend together with no clear boundaries). Leander and Cedar Park are two other cities that are really a part of Austin. Access from all of the outlying cities has been GREATLY increased due to recent road projects. We complain about traffic here, but it is NOTHING compared to Dallas or Houston.
Climate: I don't recall the last time I wore a sweater or a heavy coat. Right now I'm looking out my office window at sunny skies, a light breeze and a "chilly" 63 degrees ... GOTTA GO!
re: ?'s for AustinitesJonnyHu
Dec 24, 2003 9:39 AM
We've been in Austin for about three years now. We live off of Southwest Parkway (one older development and new/newer homes, from 300-600K), which is a very nice road to ride on and connects easily to several other nice roads that have already been mentioned here (360, 620, Bee Caves). Can easily find nice 40-50 mile rides ride out my front door. We didn't choose this particular location in Austin for cycling reasons, but I think it would be hard to beat. This past year the organized/charity rides I did included 4 centuries (including Ride for the Roses), 2 metric centuries, and 1 "Shiner Bash" (85 miles Austin to Shiner brewery), all starting within a 40 mile radius of Austin. In short, my family loves Austin - Great weather, great music, great community feel for a city of its size, plenty of interesting neighborhoods with real personality (although I can't say that where we live qualifies as one of the interesting neighborhoods). Best of luck!