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C-40 seatpost replacement(2 posts)

C-40 seatpost replacement03Vortex
Dec 23, 2003 5:35 AM
I am looking to replace the Colnago carbon seatpost on my C-40 for one with more setback. I currently use on my Vortex (which is different geometry in the same size frame but given the different ST angle and TT length, they are same fit), the Easton carbon post which provides me the setback I need to keep KOP. Will the Easton (or another for that matter) work on the Colnago or does Colnago have some kind of "proprietary" fit on their posts which would only allow me to use their own??

Advice, thoughts, recommendations welcome. Thanks
Dec 23, 2003 6:12 AM
The C-40 uses a special 28.0mm seatpost. I have never found another manufacturer listing this size on their website, including Selcof the company that makes the Colnago carbon post.

A standard 27.2mm post can be used with .015 inch shim material wrapped around it, but the shim should be plastic, Ti or stainless steel, not aluminum to avoid galvanic corrosion. Shim materials can be purchased at

FSA makes a nice 27.2mm carbon post that looks like it has more setback than the Colnago post, with a similar 2-bolt clamp.