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Foot Pain(2 posts)

Foot Paindaniell
Dec 21, 2003 6:03 PM
I recently developed a foot problem. When I cycle I get pain in the ball of my foot. It gets worse the day after cycling. I changed shoes, but that did not help. Does anyone know of some kind of pad that I could put into cycling shoes that would cushion the area, hopefully preventing the problem?

A couple of things...DINOSAUR
Dec 21, 2003 7:21 PM
You can try over-the-counter foot supports, such as Superfeet. They come in different "capsules", gray, blue, and green. The grays are recommended for cycling, but I found them too thin. The blues are the ones most commonly used by cyclists, but I prefer the greens as they are thicker and offer more padding. I've also had good luck with Sof Sole runners orthotics. They run a little thinner than the Super Feet, but have a nicer cover for the footbed, a nice cushion, smooth and you can move your feet around. Peterson also makes a foot bed for cycling, but I've had no experience with them.

Also check to make sure that the ball of your foot is centered over the axis of your pedal spindle. I had to push my (Look) cleats back about 3mm, almost all the way back, and my foot pain disappeared. Find the ball of your foot, while bare footed, draw a line, and place your foot into your shoe, pull back the tongue in order to see the line, and make sure that line is lined up with the mark on your cleats that indicate the pedal center (if you have Look cleats).

There also could be other problems, such as the pedal system you use. Most guys stick with what works for them.

Also make sure your shoes aren't too tight, your feet swell after you ride. I buy mine about a half size large and cinch up the straps to make them tighter. For me it was more less a hot weather problem, never a problem in the winter (accept cold feet).