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What bikes do you have in your stable?(76 posts)

What bikes do you have in your stable?bigwaves
Dec 21, 2003 5:05 PM
With all the riding I do.. I never noticed what my garage has turned into. There are currently 5 bikes and tons of parts. What has your garage turned into?

1. Independent Fab - Deluxe for mountains
2. Richard Sachs - for just distance
3. Trek 5200 - for speed
4. Trek Town and Country - For the beach scene
5. Intense Tracer for the trails.
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?wily in pacifica
Dec 21, 2003 5:33 PM
Here is what is in my garage.

Ritchey MT bike
Ritchey SwissCross - Used for commuting
Meridian 650c TT bike
Merlin Agilus road bike
Co-Motion Expresso road bike
Bilenky Aremet Tandem
Santana Triplet
Merlin Ti MT bike frame waitin to be built up

2003 Chrysler Town & Country LXI able to carry any of the bikes, including the Santana Triplet right up the middle without having to take the front wheel off. Problem is then I can't use the cup holder.

Willy in ?????????????
Dec 21, 2003 7:49 PM
How do you like the comotion? how is it outfitted?
Comotionwily in pacifica
Dec 22, 2003 10:17 AM
Actually the CoMotionis a buddies bike I borrowed for a visiting relative. But I think it fits me and I may have to take it out for a ride before I give it back. It is mostly Ultegra triple group with a Wound up fork. The fork is painted a House of Colors metalic yellowish orange to match the frame.

My buddy got the whole set up, complete bike, on Ebay for about $800
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?Dave Hickey
Dec 21, 2003 5:47 PM
Built bikes

1. LOOK AL384 9spd Dura Ace
2. LOOK KG86 single speed
3. LOOK KG76 single speed
4. Van Dessel Straight Up- cruiser
5. Bianchi- fixed gear
6. small Cannondale 3.0- 12yr old son's bike


1. LOOK 286
2. Trek 1400
3. 1975 Gitane Tour De France
4. Vitus 979
5. Shogun
6. 1970's Motobecane
what'd you do with the cinelli? that was sweet. nmrufus
Dec 21, 2003 6:58 PM
Oops.. A Cinelli Super Corsa up in the attic. nmDave Hickey
Dec 22, 2003 4:48 AM
And a Peugeot PX10. I've gotta get up in the attic more:-)nmDave Hickey
Dec 22, 2003 4:50 AM
now you can feel safecyclopathic
Dec 22, 2003 10:12 AM
there's no way you'd get me mount a ride which either Aluminum or doesn't have gears. Even if it fits. Even if it's Look :-)
Does that mean I don't need the Doberman?Dave Hickey
Dec 22, 2003 12:57 PM
I bought him after our last conversation:-)
on a second thoughtcyclopathic
Dec 22, 2003 2:35 PM
I could swap parts from AL384 to.. Nah, too much work
Besides, I'd have to carry 2 bikes and deal with Doberman
parlez française?colker1
Dec 21, 2003 7:04 PM
what's with the french fixation? the looks are the tip of the iceberg: vitus, gitane, motobecane..
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?WrigleyRoadie
Dec 21, 2003 5:53 PM
Just a beginner at this...

1994 Diamondback Master TG with 105 - winter road bike
1994 Trek 970 with XTR - college ride, beater bike
2002 Litespeed Hyperion with Ultegra - primary ride
2002 Cannondale Bad Boy with XT - commuter, all-around
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?terry b
Dec 21, 2003 5:55 PM
Dec 21, 2003 7:25 PM
tired just from reading your list: all of my "favourite" bikes are there.
could you compare the dream to the fina estampa and the dardo?
oooph..phew...terry b
Dec 21, 2003 8:43 PM
haven't ridden the Dream yet, still in the build stage.

the Dardo is one light, fast little bike. very nimble, very quick. and wild to look at (I have the orange and blue version.)

the Fina is an interesing frame - big tubes, like a tank, not terribly light but not a pig either. many will say it rides like steel but I don't think so. it's perhaps smoother than some aluminum on smooth roads, but it still rocks your bones on bad pavement. I like it well enough, but it doesn't grab me like the Dardo. its biggest asset is the aboriginal paint job - totally unique and unlike anything else you see on the road.

both are nice, but the Dardo is a heart stopper for me.
Dec 22, 2003 4:34 AM
casatis get around here so i may grab one sooner or later. want to try an aluminum rig, have been on a steel diet for a long time.
that's why I have a coupleterry b
Dec 22, 2003 8:39 AM
- wanted to try Al after years of steel to see what all the brouhaha was about. the Casati is a nice introduction - none of the bad comments apply and it's a sweet bike.
Too many, with more on the wayDMoore
Dec 21, 2003 5:58 PM
1. Richard Sachs - my favorite
2. Specialized E5 - set up for TT's
3. Orbea Lobular Carbon - last year's team crit/RR bike
4. Brian Baylis - '94 crit bike, too gorgeous to part with.
5. Bill Holland - living on the trainer
6. Litspeed Ultimate - living on the trainer at my ski condo
7. Santana Moda - antique MTB, hardly ever ridden
8. '84 Ciocc SL - my first pro bike bought new
soon: 9. Orbea Orca - '04 crit/RR team bike
eventually: 10. Brian Baylis, still 1 1/2 years away, to wow
the 1 person in 1000 who will realize what it is
Question on the cost of the Bayliskilimanjaro
Dec 22, 2003 3:07 PM
I am thinking about saving for a lugged frame from a local builder a few years down the road.


Question on the cost of the BaylisDMoore
Dec 23, 2003 8:15 AM
Brian Baylis quoted me $3500 for the frame, with a delivery in an estimated 2 years. I figure that probably means more like 3 years, since Brian only builds 6 or 7 frames a year these days.

You can spend even more than that on a steel frame (see Moon, Columbine, or Ericksen as examples) or you can spend a lot less. Baylis is certainly up there in price, but if you go for really ornate lugs you could spend even more. There are plenty of builders out there who can build a really nice lugged frame for less money and much more quickly.

But an artist can't be rushed...
I believe rwbadley has all of you beat handily, and...The Walrus
Dec 21, 2003 6:25 PM
I'm at least twice as sick as he is...
maybe quantity, but much of it is not of the caliber of...rwbadley
Dec 21, 2003 8:48 PM
some of these fine collections here.

I'll list the 'good' ones-

'74 Paramount tandem
'88 Schwinn 50th Paramount
'97 Della Santa
'01 Steve Rex
'97 Stumpjumper prestige steel
'85 Celo Europa Super
'84 Shogun 3000
'63 Raleigh Sports
'?? Phrench Phrame Phixie
'90 Bianchi cross/touring

certainly nothing like Aki's collection ;-)
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?wooglin
Dec 21, 2003 6:31 PM
Specialized Allez
Surly 1x1
GF Sugar 2
Jamis Dakota
Schwinn Racer
Schwinn Breeze

Trek 760
Specialized Stumpjumper
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?High Gear
Dec 21, 2003 6:43 PM
De Rosa Primato...up for sale

Cyfac custom

Look KG 281

Eddy Merckx Strada OS

All are built up with Campy.
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?Gripfer
Dec 21, 2003 6:55 PM
Eddy Merckx Team SC
Litespeed Ultimate
Kestrell 200 EMS
Giant TCR composite
Cannondale R1000
Scattante Airplane
Vision R40
Jamis XLT 2.0
Cannondale H500
Santa Cruz Blur frame and parts waiting to get together
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?rufus
Dec 21, 2003 6:52 PM
1. 1989 specialized sirrus-first and only road bike
2. 1992 specialized stumpjumper comp-tange prestige steel, rigid fork
3. 1997 specialized stumpjumper M2 comp
4. 2002 rocky mountain blizzard frame-853 steel, slowly being built up, bit by bit.
5. 2004 mondonico el-os frame-soon to be, or currently in the process of being, built in italy. full chorus group just waiting for it.

one of the stumpjumpers has to go, and i'm partial to keeping the rigid steel as an about town, commuter type ride, but the M2 just looks so cool, all black and yellow, i can't bear to sell it. so i'll probably keep them both.
Stumpy dilemmawooglin
Dec 21, 2003 7:01 PM
Keep the steel, its a good SS platform. Sell the tin can and put the parts on the Blizzard. Beauty is only skin deep. :)
awww, but you gotta see it. best lookin' stump evah!rufus
Dec 21, 2003 9:09 PM
and the blizzard's gonna be nine speed, while the stumpy's eight. i might use the wheels with a nine speed cassette until i scrape the money together for a wheelset built around king hubs.

so far the blizzard has avid sd-7 brakes with sd-5 levers, a titec stem, raceface bar and seatpost, marzocchi atom race fork. the rest will be a mix of raceface, xt, and sram, with a king headset. and that oh-so-sweet maple leaf paint job.
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?lyleseven
Dec 21, 2003 7:57 PM
Univega CroMo Hybrid, Via Carismo-old touring bike
Proflex 856 Mtb
Specialized FS Stumpjumper- 94?
Mikkelsen Custom steel Road bike with Chorus
Mikkelsen Custom steel touring bike with Centaur
Seven Ti Axiom with Record
Seven Axiom Steel with Record
Seven Elium on the way.....
Seven Elium on the way!!! Holy cow!innergel
Dec 22, 2003 7:22 AM
Didn't you just get the Axiom Steel like three months ago? You are the obsessed. [and I'm jealous :-)]
Wow! Someone else who'll cop to having a Via Carisma!The Walrus
Dec 22, 2003 1:01 PM
The bike that pushed me onto the slippery slope about a dozen years ago--don't know if I should curse it or be grateful. I gotta get more aggressive about selling some of these things....

1) Airborne Lucky Strike 2) Bianchi Axis 3) Bianchi Axis 4) Bianchi Axis 5) Bianchi Axis 6) Bianchi Axis 7) Bianchi Axis 8) Bianchi RC Cyclocross 9) Bianchi B.o.S.S. 10) Bianchi B.a.S.S. 11) KHS Cyclocross ST 12) Kona Jake the Snake 12) Kona Major Jake 13) Litespeed Catalyst 14) Litespeed Hiwassee 15) Litespeed Hiwassee 16) Litespeed Obed FS 17) Novara Randonee 18) Univega Boralyn 19) Univega Carbolite M7.3 20) Univega Carbolite R7.2 21) Univega Carbolite R7.6 22) Univega Dual Action Team 23) Univega Via Carisma 24) VooDoo Nzumbi 25) VooDoo Wazoo 26) VooDoo Wazoo 27) VooDoo Wazoo

Frames: Dean Colonel, Litespeed Natchez, Univega Boralite

Stripped frames and bikes I really gotta sell: Kone JtS (2), Univega Boralyn, Univega Dual Action Pro/Team (3), Jamis Dakar (4), Bianchi B.u.S.S.

Is there some kind of 12-Step program I can get into?
geez Walrus... I think you need more than 12 steps! ;-)...rwbadley
Dec 22, 2003 5:54 PM
Nice collection. So what's the deal with all the Axis and Voodoo? different sizes? colors? groups? tires? A different axis for each day of the week? heh heh you are twice as sick as me old man...;-)
Yeah, I should probably get remarried--that'd take care of it.The Walrus
Dec 22, 2003 6:49 PM
The second Wazoo ('97) was one of those deals that couldn't be passed up--$390, shipped, for the bike, which needed pedals, brakes and rear mech, all of which were in my parts stash. The third one ('99) was a frame/fork I built up to thrash so the first one, which was/is virtually flawless, wouldn't suffer the classic VooDoo decal eczema. As for the Axises (Axes?), the first one was so good, I just couldn't stop. I'd keep thinking of different things I wanted to try, but didn't want to mess with the existing bike(s), day I woke up, and there they were.

By the way, should Mrs. Badley ever get on your case, I'm available (for a fee) as an expert witness to testify that your collection is not at all extreme.

Dang, I just remembered two Carbolites and a '00 Wazoo I shoulda put on the "must sell" list....
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?Franchise
Dec 21, 2003 8:23 PM
Pinarello Prince
Colnago Master X-Light
Pegoretti CCKMP
Gary Fisher Tassajara

Cannondale Black Lightning
Trek Y-Foil 77
Colnago CT-1
a few, but not enough :-)supercorsa
Dec 21, 2003 8:43 PM

1982 stumpjumper - funky townie
1976 bertin c39 - primary commuter
1985 cinelli supercorsa - steel is real, baby!
1992 bridgestone zip - crappy weather commuter
2003 surly 1x1 - one speed is all you need
1999 bianchi pista - road fixie w/ front brake
2000 gt zaskar team - 22.5lb hardtail
1999 intense tracer - 4x4 trail bike
2000 cinelli starlight - 17lb road rocket


2002 surly 1x1 - her favorite ride for "chicking" guys
1999 rocky mountain blizzard - killer steel hardtail
1998 lemond reno - commuter
2001 bianchi pista - fixie w/ front brake
2002 gios 50th anniversary - sweetness & light


ghetto tandem w/ rear footpegs for getting her to school
electra mini-rod
too manylaffeaux
Dec 21, 2003 8:55 PM
Road and Cyclocross Bikes:
2000 Ritchey Swiss Cross
1996 Fat City Chris Chance
1996 Bontrager CX
1993 Bridgestone XO-1
1980 Peugeot Competition (fixed gear)
1980 Masi Gran Criterium

Mountain Bikes:
2003 Santa Cruz Blur
1998 Yeti ARC
1997 Bontrager Race Lite
1997 Bontrager Race Lite (yep, two of those)
1995 Yeti ARC
1991 GT Team Avalanche
1985 Alenax TRB-5000
1985 Ritchey Timber Comp
1984 Fisher Competition
1983 Ritchey Annapurna
1983 Diamond Back Ridge Runner
1982 Specialized Stumpjumper
1981 Ritchey Everest
1981 Ritchey
'01 Cervelo Prodigy, '70's Centurion. That's it for me. nmBowWow
Dec 21, 2003 9:05 PM
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?Major Kong
Dec 21, 2003 9:24 PM
2002 Independent Fabrication Crown Jewel
2002 Look KG361
2000 Redline Conquest Pro
2002 Giant TCR2 (girlfriends)
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?nazgul
Dec 21, 2003 11:37 PM
2002 Cannondale R2000: racer/bad weather roadbike
2003 Fondriest Don Racer: weightweenie bike
2003 Fondriest Status Carb: long distance/training bike
2002 Cannondale Scalpel 2000: light XC full suspension MTB
2002 Intense Uzzi SLX: freeride/trailbike
1995 GT Avalanche: commuter/hardtail

Jamis Dakota MTB
Jamis Nova CX bike
More Than My Wife Thinks I have ...Mycroft
Dec 22, 2003 4:10 AM
Road Bikes/Frames:
- DeRosa King
- Fondriest Top Carbon TF1
- Pinarello Dogma (my current favourite ride!)

MTB: Ellsworth 2002 Truth

Hybrid: Litespeed Tellico

My lbs bike pimp - God rest his soul - allows me to keep some of the stuff at his shop. So there are only 3 bikes at home at any one time.

Need to ditch some stuff ...
ibis mojo, 'rello vuelta, mikkelsen custom(rigid mtn bike) nmcolker1
Dec 22, 2003 4:23 AM
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?Len J
Dec 22, 2003 4:45 AM
Serotta Legend Ti/Dura Ace (fast Ride)
Gunnar Street Dog Fixed gear (fenders/all winter ride)
Lemond B/A For sale

???Winter project, frame yet to be determined.

Can't ride more than this.

Pales in comparison...Mike Prince
Dec 22, 2003 5:49 AM

'91 Specialized Rockhopper Comp (set up as a commuter, if I don't convert it to ss it's going on ebay)


'01 Steelman Stage Race, full D/A (I sold all my other bikes (2) after I got this)
'84 Trek 610 (being built up as my winter project old piece by old piece)

'02 Trek 1000 (wife's bike)

Lots of little kid bikes too - I have 7 year old twins :)
Proud owner of...AFred
Dec 22, 2003 6:21 AM
1. Merckx Team SC
2. Merckx Fuga
3. Merck Majestic (are ya seeing pattern here?)
4. Bianchi Campione
5. Marin Vicenza
6. Kestrel SCi
7. Jamis Nova
8. Jamis Dragon
9. Jamis Dakar Sport (are ya seeing another pattern?)
10. Cannondale R3000 tandem
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?msmootsiemartin
Dec 22, 2003 6:50 AM

Fuji track (fixed/free)
Surly 1x1
Anvil (custom) cross/touring
Merlin road (pre-litespeed)


Moots road
Surly Steamroller
Waterford x-11 (cross/touring)
some ol' bridgestone

Happy Holidays to everyone...mmm
Limited by the size of the condo...Chicago_Steve
Dec 22, 2003 6:50 AM
Currently only three bikes...

1997 Kona AA Hardtail MTB
2001 Santa Cruz Superlight FS MTB
2002 Guru Veloci'ti Road

Just got rid of

1998 Trek 2100 Road
2001 Kelly Knobby X CX

Steve (needs a garage not a parking spot!)
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?toronto-rider
Dec 22, 2003 6:51 AM
2003 Giant TCR -chorus, new road bike
2000 Thin blue line -ultegra- trainer and bad weather bike
2000 Cannondale F1000 -XTR

After reading everyones post, I don't feel bad wanting another bike.

Wish my IT band injury would heal so I can start riding again.
'01 Trek 5200; '00 Bianchi Giro; '02 Dean Ace 3; '00 Trek 8000.._rt_
Dec 22, 2003 7:22 AM
'76 Motobecane Nomad
'81 Urago
and bits & pieces of a POS '98 Mongoose something-or-other (my first mtb).

the Trek 5200 is for speed
the Bianchi Giro sits on the trainer
the Dean Ace3 is for love & racing
the Trek 8000 is for quickness and agility
the Motobecane Nomad was my first 'grown up bike'
the Urago was my 2nd 'grown up bike' and is my next restoration project
and the POS Mongoose is to remind me where i started.


"and the POS Mongoose is to remind me where i started" LOL nmLen J
Dec 22, 2003 7:39 AM
I feel so inadequate!innergel
Dec 22, 2003 7:31 AM
Road - 2001 Trek 2300
Mtb - 2004 Specialized Stumpjumper M4

Road - 2002 Specialized Allez

Kids - 2004 Giant Sedona (Santa is bringing it this year)
Kids - some very heavy purple thing with silver handlebar streamers and a very cool basket
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?03Vortex
Dec 22, 2003 8:08 AM
LS Vortex
Colnago C-40
Cannondale mountain bike
5 (OMG I actually have 5 bikes...)Asiago
Dec 22, 2003 8:39 AM
Okay, I'll play:

1) Litespeed '03 Sirius: Dura-Ace, Velomax Ascents, Aliante, etc. This is my prized steed.
2) Schwin '01 Fastback Limited: Current trainer/crappy weather bike.
3) '92 Bianchi Alfana: This steel bike is being transformed to a SS this winter.
4) Marin '99 Pine Mountain MTB: My mountain bike.
5) Klein '04 Aura XV: The team bike for next season. Orders go in the next few days.

Hanging in the basement...Dale Brigham
Dec 22, 2003 9:09 AM
Steelman Eurocross 525 (cyclocross/randonnee)
Colnago Crystal (road)
Kona Jake the Snake (cyclocross)
Kona Hot (mtb)
Cinelli Centurion (fixed gear)
Gitane track bike

Ciocc (road)
Raleigh International (road)
Kona Jake the Snake (cyclocross)
Kona Fire Mountain (mtb)

re: What bikes do you have in your stable?FTMD
Dec 22, 2003 9:16 AM
Moots YBB mtb
Strong Road
Voodoo CX
Surly 1x1 mtb
Austro Daimler road (unknown vintage)
16 in the family. I need another garage bay...Psalm 147-10_11
Dec 22, 2003 9:29 AM
1999 Eddy Merckx Ti AX
1998 Pinarello Cross
1986 Centurian Lemans - fixed
1997 Specialized Rock Hopper
1996 Lemond Alpe de Huez (on loan to a friend)

1999 Bianchi Velope

Son, age12
1980 Panasonic Road Bike
2001 Gary Fisher Marlin
2000 Diamondback stunt bike

Son, age 10
2002 Gary Fisher Marlin
2000 Haro BMX bike

Son, age 8
2000 Diamondback 8 speed mountain bike

Son, age 5
3 misc. hand-me down department store bikes
1 Diamondback 8 speed mountain bike (can't ride it yet)
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?Mike P
Dec 22, 2003 9:31 AM
Raleigh R800.
Merckx Team SC.

Not built:
Old Trek CF frame.
An unpainted Columbus Altec2 frame.

An older Gary Fisher Big Sur.
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?outofthesaddle
Dec 22, 2003 9:44 AM
'03 Trek 5900
'03 Paul Taylor CX
'99 Trek 5200
'01 Marin Team CX
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?wily in pacifica
Dec 22, 2003 10:21 AM

Got any pictures of your Richard Sachs bike? I am considering giving him a call about a road or Cross frame. How long have you had yours and do you know what the wait is?

Willy in Pacifica
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?bigwaves
Dec 22, 2003 5:19 PM
I found the Richard Sachs on ebay. The bike is older and needed some new parts. I am currently on the list for a new RS. I think ??? i have been on the list for 14 months?? The worse thing is i drive past Richard's shop every day and get to see the latest.
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?ClydeTri
Dec 22, 2003 10:29 AM
Four Trek Y-Foils
Litespeed Tachyon
Quintana Roo Tequilio
Forte (105 AL bike from Performance)
Schwinn Supersport
Trek 1100
old Raleigh GrandPrix
Trek 850 mtb
two schwinn S Carbon FSP mtb's
Nukeproof mtb
Marin mtb
univega tandem
think that is all
what's in my garage?JS Haiku Shop
Dec 22, 2003 10:45 AM
what's in my garage?

13 cyclocross barriers
52 pieces of rebar
50 plastic fenceposts
~5000 feet of caution tape
lap & prime signs
one sledge hammer and two 3# hammers
a mud-encrusted surly steamroller with knobby 700x30s

what's in my shop?

surly cross-check, ultegra triple, for everything
look kg286, 105 double, for self-discovery
merckx elite, ultegra double, for climbing and speed
specialized rockhopper, lx/etc., for offroad gravity checks
merckx strada, as wall (sooner or) later

what's in the works?

zeus pro, to stare at and lick when nobody's looking
specialized m4 festina, for pain
It's O.K. if you lick the Zeus--we'll understand (nm)The Walrus
Dec 22, 2003 1:07 PM
No horses, no stable. But I do have a garage containingdjg
Dec 22, 2003 11:20 AM
a Colnago CT1 (record 10) and a Serotta CSi (chorus 10). Plus an old, budget gary fisher mtb, wife's bike, kid's bike, etc. And the wife's minivan (a Sienna--the only Tuscan-sounding minivan out there). Actually, now that I think about it, the Serotta might be in the downstairs hallway (I was all set to ride to work when a family issue arose and I was forced to take the car).
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?jrm
Dec 22, 2003 12:42 PM
Curtlo road bike, santa Cruz blur and wrecker SS.
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?CurtSD
Dec 22, 2003 2:24 PM
1. Colnago Ovalmaster - the main bike.
2. Airborne Carpe Diem - the offroad bike.
3. Serotta Colorado III - for long distance rides and unloaded touring.
4. 80's Fiorelli Campionissimo - disassembled and no longer ridden, possible future SS conversion candidate
Just added one, now there'sMel Erickson
Dec 22, 2003 4:18 PM
Raleigh Professional for fun
Softride Solo for comfort
Santana Rio tandem
Miyata Valley Runner commuter
Panasonic SS
Cannondale R400 trainer bike
Cannondale SuperV 900 MB (soon to be my sons)
Giant XTC NRS 1 MB for the trails
Stella road frame for ?
I guess I'm not the norm here then...torquecal
Dec 22, 2003 5:12 PM
I've got;

A Specialized Expedition
A Trek 1200
A Nashbar Frame with 105 hung on it
same here...koala
Dec 22, 2003 6:00 PM
Strong compact(Campy 10) Teesdale level top tube(Campy 8), Cannondale with Shimano 600 and downtube shifters. Oh yeah, and old lugged steel bike nobody ever heard of thats getting donated this year...
hey...I might be interested!!! hehehehehe.....nmrwbadley
Dec 22, 2003 8:44 PM
hey...I might be interested!!! hehehehehe.....nmkoala
Dec 23, 2003 6:40 AM
Sure, Ill help you build that addition so you have room! The old lugged bike is a Mossberg I used to have on the trainer.BTW, considering a Steve Rex Zero compact with Joe Bell paint. Any comments on your Rex? Ill have to get rid of the old Cannondale. My wife makes me purge before I get an new one. Last time I got rid of a Colnago master, time before it was another Cannondale. Not much of a sacrifice...
Mossberg? As in, Mossberg shotguns? (nm)The Walrus
Dec 23, 2003 12:27 PM
hey...I might be interested, too! What size is yor Mossberg?bicyclerepairman
Dec 23, 2003 7:46 PM
I used to have one, a 1976 fact, in spite of being somewhat heavy (or light compared to a Schwinn Varsity) and having some lateral flex in the bottom bracket, it was the best riding bike I've owned. Since losing mine, I've given some thought to having a custom bike made for me with the same frame angles, fork rake/trail, and tube lengths using better materials & dropouts. I've never met anyone who owned another...mine was orange in daylight which turned to an electric peach-red under evening streetlamps. If yours is a 21.5" model, I would be interested in hearing from you regarding measurements....
hey...I might be interested, too! What size is yor Mossberg?koala
Dec 24, 2003 7:04 AM
Center to center along the seat tube its 22.5 inches, just over 57 centimeters. This ones still got the headtube badge that says Mossberg, Little Falls N.Y. on it. Thought I would donate it to some big kid that doesnt have a ride. By the way youve described the color, I would have to say this is the same. Nice riding old tank...Im keeping the old Alfredo Binda toe straps though.
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?mickey-mac
Dec 22, 2003 9:24 PM
1. Strong Foco with Chorus 10: main ride and pride and joy

2. Torelli EL-OS with Chorus 8: back-up bike after years of primary duty

3. Griffen Metamix mtb with Shimano XT/LS mix: haven't been on the mtb in almost two years

4. Schwinn Suburban 5-speed: for trips to the liquor store, neighborhood rides with the kids, etc.
re: What bikes do you have in your stable?JFarley
Dec 25, 2003 3:55 PM
2000 specialized allez
1995 trek 2120
1997 klein attitude
2004 trek fuel 90 disc
LOve to ride!!!!!!